On 9/11, we pray

A spiritual teacher’s meditation and affirmation for this anniversary of fear and terror

9-11-xsmallGUEST COLUMN: RONDA LARUE — 9/11 is, and was, a big wake up call to witness the internal machinations of fear, and its multi-faced projections. And as with all tragedies, it is a call to dive deeper under the ruble of suffering, shock, and reaction to reclaim an ecology of the heart.

Spinning on a Prayer…

In our greatest imaginings
who could dream a world such as this?

Who among us can,
even now,
conceive of something as voluptuous
as the gentle commingling of earth to air
that brings an early morning dew?

Or something as delicate
as the spider’s intricate web
cloaked in wet droplets
and standing perfectly fragile
– yet intact and strong -
as it’s caressed by the morning’s first hues;

…a weaver spins her vast universe
within a thousand spectra of color,
and so casting a rainbow of infinite Chance!

Or the glimmering of her shining prisms
that catch the notice of two out walking,
each to his own path.
Stopping: eye meets eye.

Soul sees Heart;

…an impression of something each once knew.

Two from the One emerges, a panoramic palate,
and so spilling a harvest of infinite Choice.

And still, a ceaseless and patient dawn
rises from the endless darkness of night.
This intricate and delicate world
spinning silently on a prayer!
Perfectly fragile – yet intact and strong;

…yielding and accepting
to that which we offer every moment,
each new day,
by way of our touch,
our prayer, and our song . . .

May you be a Dreamer
in the imaginings of a peaceful Heart,
And so may your dreaming come true.


Ronda LaRue, Author: Remembering Who You Really Are

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4 Responses to “On 9/11, we pray”

  1. Ronda as usual your words touch the soul and open the heart. I can’t help but wonder sometimes what the men who flew the planes now feel in their soul’s home as they touch the soul’s of those they took with them. Surely that is where true love is born. And as you say our “perfectly fragile” world keeps spinning and and our wounded hearts can becomes our prison or our deepest prayer.
    Many Blessings….rebecca

  2. Mattawe Clements Reply 12. Sep, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Once again you have touched the source of anxiety and offer hope with a new/old wonderful perspective. Thank you for reminding me of the subtleness of reality and the glory of non-projection.


  3. Thank you for sharing Ronda LaRue’s genius for exposing seeds of hope, love, and peace within the ashes of disaster, by printing her “Spinning on a Prayer” in your tribute to 9-11.

    It stirred many deep reflections regarding the American dream, human condition, and the meaning of peace. Her spiritual intuition is a healing balm for us and we are grateful to Soul’s Code for bringing this kind of powerful spiritual insight to others wanting more than media’s sensationalism enveloping world events.


  4. Your poem reminds me that taking the softer approach to life generally works best. Often the Drama created in this life has no bearing on what really matters in the end. The fast pace of our lives often pushes back the chance to reflect and be at peace. We are driven to accumulate the things of this earth only to give them up again one way or another. A tragedy reminds us that nothing remains the same and gives us that chance to look deeper.

    Hope you are well,