A Kennedy death that offers a healing opportunity

Despite his transgressions,  Edward Kennedy was a model of grace and forgiveness. His legacy outshone Chappaquidick and the shadows cast by assassins Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan


BY PAUL KAIHLA — In our anxious world the news of a Kennedy death has an archetypal effect: shock and awe, a collective “pain body” experience. John F, ’63; Robert F. K. in LA in ’68, by the first post-war Arab terrorist in America.

But this time, there was no “Kennedy curse.”

Let’s celebrate that Teddy, who ran for president like his brothers, died of natural causes — not an assassin’s bullet or bomb. Let the mainstream media call him an American icon. Or conflicted whatever.

Soul’s Code calls him a person who took a leap of faith. He didn’t retreat into wealth, like Jackie. He didn’t become Jackie’s lover, like Bobbie. He cathected in not only his uncle-role with his family and tribe, but in a larger role with our global village. He worked his (energetic) anatomy 0ff to change the world:

Family man, related: Most American men somehow, find some way, to be at odds with their mothers. Please find an instance in a book, or in a newspaper, or a YouTube rip where Ted ever said a single negative word about his mother.

What you see is what you get: “Edward Kennedy was always the least manipulative of the Kennedy brothers, the most candid and outgoing, the one little given to posing or appearances.”  — Garry Wills, conservative historian, in The Kennedy Imprisonment

Third exhibit in the trinity:


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2 Responses to “A Kennedy death that offers a healing opportunity”

  1. The cultural role and effect of The Kennedy’s on baby boomer Irish families is impossible to quantify; suffice it to say that when I was growing up virtually every Catholic house had a picture of JFK, the Pope and Our Lady on the wall
    ( they were “The Trinity”).

    The Kennedys were spoken of in mythical terms and even words like Camelot were used about them in my childhood.But it was only when I came to America as an immigrant, I began to truly appreciate the paths they hepled to pave.In recent times Teddy’s work on the Irish peace process alone, would have granted him a place in many Irish hearts around the world.

    But here in America, his tirelss work on immigration even in the face of major public disapproval and serious health issues, has guarenteed that his legacy as a proud Irish American will never be forgotten; as Mary McAleese The Irish President said, “His death will be greeted with a great sense of sadness here because of his long standing affection for this country, not just with the peace process, but on many other issues, including emigration.

    “His outstanding and remarkable personal contribution was made, despite the sacrifice and sorrow that was part of the overall contribution of the entire Kennedy family,” she added.For my part because of the work he done on The irish peace process,

    May He Truly Rest In Peace

  2. Doubt if the family of Mary Jo Kopechne hold him in such high esteem. Or perhaps they have forgiven Ted for abandoning her when his car plunged off a bridge and into a river near Chappaquiddick Island, and then waiting a day to report the accident to the police.

    He got a two month suspended jail sentence for his role in her death. Kennedy justice, I guess.