A spiritual author’s personal journey to awakening

A near death experience gives Cari La Grange Murphy her life’s purpose and opens up a portal to creativity

cariblueGUEST COLUMN: CARI LA GRANGE MURPHY —  As a spiritual and inspirational author, I’m often asked when, where, and how my spiritual journey began. As a child I grew up on ten acres of land in south Texas surrounded by loving parents, siblings, and a large extended family. We were devoted Methodists, who attended church every Sunday, while I simultaneously attended Catholic school during the week. It’s fair to say that I was fully ingrained in organized religion.

Although much of it was a beautiful experience, I still sought something “more” in life. My elders’ and teachers’ answers did not quench my thirst for deeper spiritual knowledge, understanding and connection. In fact, they seemed to steer me away from questions that went beyond the traditional teachings. Their responses confused me but aroused in me a greater interest in seeking the answers.

stars-and-moonI sought solace within myself and in nature.  I was always an introspective child, spending a great deal of time alone outdoors. I felt closely connected to nature and recall the feelings of peace and serenity that I often experienced as I laid on the grass in the evenings and stared longingly into the night sky. The stars seemed to be twinkling specifically in my direction, almost as though they were communicating with me in their own silent yet beautifully powerful way.

I began studying a wide range of religions during my teenage years and found myself deeply intrigued with the real purpose for our existence. I wanted to know the how’s and the why’s associated with human behavior. Naturally, I delved into psychology and spirituality. These interests eventually led me to get my undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology and later specialize in counseling psychology.

After my formal education I reached a point where the traditional route simply didn’t feel right for me.  The traditional counseling methods for psychologists seemed to be lacking a key component for me: the presence of the soul. At that point, I chose to begin my writing career, writing articles for local and national magazines, and doing freelance work for greeting card companies. Most of my writings were in the fields of psychology, health, love, and self improvement. I enjoyed my work and continued to delve deeper into the realm of spirituality, and the endless sources of information I found on this incredible topic called out to my soul.

The illness that changed my life

The big shift and “awakening” in my life came at the age of twenty six.  In the fall of 1996 I became very ill, suffering a high fever, and not knowing what was wrong with me. My mother came into town and insisted that we go to the Diagnostic Center in Houston (where I was living and still live today). Subject to what seemed like every medical test under the sun, I was sitting in one of those cubicles where they take your blood.  That is when it all began.

outofbodyI was weak, slowly sinking towards the floor and slipping away from my body. I struggled to remain present, aware, and (for lack of a better word at the time) alive. I had lost consciousness.  Suddenly images of my entire past life rapidly flashed in front of me. Profoundly meaningful images played like a movie of my life, in fast forward. I saw times joyful, challenging, significant, and despairing. I felt them as deeply as I saw them. As quickly as it began, the experience ended. I came back into my body and opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was my mother, who was disheveled and panicked, and I heard her sorrowful cries like that of a mother who had just thought she lost their child. Beside her were three or four nurses and several doctors, all hovering around me with looks of deep concern, sadness, and shock. I had been “out” for some time, and yet I was back. I had left my body temporarily and now I was back. Little did I know, in that moment I had a new mission. My life was about to change in varied ways.

The experience shocked my mother so strongly that we didn’t even discuss the event again until about a year ago. She told me she had blocked out the memory. From time to time, over the years, I had attempted to discuss the significance of the event and how deeply it changed my life. Yet, she seemingly believed that my writing and my world expanding in the ways that it did after that near death experience were simply a natural part of my personal development.

In reality, her impressions couldn’t have been further from the truth. The experience had fully awakened my soul. With my newly expanded state of awareness, my life’s course had drastically shifted. I remembered my truth. I remembered who I was and why I was here as a spiritual be-ing in this physical body.

After the event, I was consigned to bed rest for a month. During that time I was like a sponge, soaking up every insight and bit of information I could find on near death experiences, life after “death” and anything spiritual related. It was as though a portal had opened within me and I was being drawn to everything I needed to remember the truth of my limitless, eternal being.

Discovering my spiritual “muse”

womanwritingThat same portal also allowed information to flow through me, via my writing, expanding my entire view on spirituality and life in the physical world we live in. Poetic words, messages, and musings continued to come through me daily with perfect ease. Like an open faucet within me, all the wisdom from my higher self was now flowing through me in perfect, divine ways.

The messages impacted my world on a very deep level. I was living life with new eyes, a new vision based on my expanded perspective of reality. I was truly beginning to understand the meaning of life, a journey continuing even today. I continue to grow, evolve, and expand with each passing day.

It’s a conscious choice. It’s not always the easiest choice, but my soul won’t allow me to remain stagnant. I am continuously striving to expand my awareness and understanding of this vast universe that we are all a part of.

The fascinating thing I’ve discovered since my near death experience (what I now consider my true awakening) is that the more I learn, grow, and expand, the more I realize how much more growth, learning, and expansion I have yet to experience! I have now devoted the last thirteen years of my life to what I feel is my true soul purpose: relaying the messages of spirit to others through my writing.

I am continually fascinated with life and the beauty that surrounds me. I have written five books and countless articles on subjects that naturally flow through me and desire expression. I’m almost finished with my sixth book and feel more excited about my journey every day. Making a difference in the lives of others truly feeds and nourishes my soul. I know, within the deepest recesses of who I am, that this is why I’m here and this is what I’m meant to be doing. It’s certainly been an exciting ride!

bookcoverCari LaGrange Murphy is a best-selling inspirational and spiritual author, and founder and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions.  Her book, Create Change Now, can be ordered from Amazon.  Visit her at Create Change Now.

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18 Responses to “A spiritual author’s personal journey to awakening”

  1. Cari!
    This is such a wonderful story. I am honored that you have shared it with me (through tagging). I am so happy for you that you are doing the work that you are clearly called to do. Continued peace and blessings!!! Warmy, Jeanine

  2. I found a link to this article on Facebook and it’s my first time to this blog. What a great message: everyone’s a guru! I love it.

    Cari’s message is powerful. I too grew up entrenched in religion. As a child I loved it. As a teenager I hated it. As a college student I became an angry atheist because it was impossible to separate the spirit connection from all the politics of religion. I also discovered my spiritual path and connection through a physical crisis and with the support of an awesome life coach. Now I see that we all have our own unique experiences to bring us back to our spirit and the heart of the Universe. Thank you, Cari, for inspiring people to take that journey!

  3. Cari, your description of your near-death experience reminds me of an exercise or meditation that Eckhart Tolle suggests in a lecture called, “Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain Body.” The secret to dissolving pain, he says, is to accept the pain with such a totality that it’s as if there isn’t even a person there.

    Can I ask if the doctors ever gave you a diagnosis beyond high fever? Thank you for sharing this near-death peak experience. Paul

  4. soooooooooooo very very Blessed that ya took the ride Angel!
    Thank YOU Thank YOU for CHOOSing to BE the LOVEly Earth Angel Goddess of LOVE’s Light YOU ARE!
    Big hugs of LOVE and Deep bows of Gratitude,
    We are ALL Blessed YOUr BEingness.

    Radiate SELF LOVE
    Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

  5. I had a NDE, too!! And I just realized that I have got to write about it!! It wasn’t as elaborate as yours, but it’s the reason I’m so spiritual today, too!! They’re profound experiences!!

  6. Hi Cari it is amazing how a particular incident or episode in a person’s life can have such a dramatic and life changing affect and those ripples change to significant wave that help thousand around the world. Your experience and work is helping many people to become aware of their true self.

    Keep up the good work

    With Love
    Ian Stone
    Creator of Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    HEART Energy Healing

  7. As the author of this article, I would like to express my gratitude for all of the public and private comments and emails I have received. The process of sharing my story was very cathartic and I’m grateful to have chosen to reveal more of myself to everyone out there. It’s amazing how synchronicity works. So many of the individuals that I’ve drawn into my life– I’ve now realized after sharing my story- have also experienced something very similar! How beautiful is that? :-) Thanks again to everyone for your kindness and for taking the time to read my story. <3 Much love to you all. ~ Cari

  8. Cari, you are truly an incredible being and a blessing to this world. Even though we have not YET met in person, you have had a large, direct impact in my life since we first connected and I cannot thank you enough.

    Life has always been exciting to me, and even through the tough times, LIFE IS BLISS! But since I met you, with the decisions and actions you made that have had a direct effect in my life, my life has been growing into something so gorgeous that I cannot even fully describe it with words… and this new journey has only just begun! Every day, I too grow and learn and every day life gets more and more thrilling and deeply soothing at the same time.

    Now I have found myself on a path and on a mission that I feel will help to literally change the world into a more peaceful and loving place for us all… and I thank YOU for the role you played in that. All the good that I pour into the world and all the good I encourage others to pour into the world from now on is a direct result of YOU!

    You are literally changing the world… through your own actions and now through my actions too… and I am certain I am not the only one who can say that about you :) You are a blessing and to me you are a true earth angel.

    Thank you Cari. I LOVE YOU! ♥

  9. Thank you for sharing Cari.I had a near death experience when I was a teenager. I also attended a Catholic school. As time went on, I realized that what I really desired was spirituality and a commitment to seek and do good.I really liked your book Create Change Now.I gave my copy to my sister so I’ll need to get another one. Thank you for your inspiration.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this Cari. What a wonderful awakening you experienced and thank goodness you followed your truth. The world is a better place because of you.


  11. Cari,
    I love following you on Facebook and find your writing very inspirational. I am always amazed at how beautifully and fluidly your words flow, now it makes sense, it is truly the flow of spirit! Thank you for sharing your beautiful messages.

  12. Cari. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your story. I was thinking, well, ive been thinking about how my journey to getting closer to the light has been so far, i’m in discovery mode and in awe with the vast wonders of the SELF…Fascinated and inspired! Thank you.

  13. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you for your wonderful comments here as well as the private emails that continue to pour in regarding this article that I’ve written. I’ve been asked to provide a link to my fanpage because my facebook page reached it’s 5000 friend limit a while back. On my fanpage you will see daily inspirational updates as well as information regarding upcoming events. I’ve also been asked to provide other links to my writing.

    Become a Fan: http://tinyurl.com/CariLMurphyFANPAGE
    Facebook Group, http://tiny.cc/CreateChangeNow
    Linked in: http://tiny.cc/CariLMurphy370

    Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season! Thank YOU, once again, for your support.
    With love,
    Cari L. Murphy

  14. Cari,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I find it very inspirational and fascinating!I feel the same with all of your writing.)
    I truly feel blessed to have a shared path with you in this life.
    I think you are an amazing wonderful lady!

  15. I love Cari LaGrange Murphy’s article about her spiritual awakening. I love stories like this and find them so inspiring! Perhaps she can be a guest on our radio show? I’ll have to contact her. Thanks for bringing her to my attention!

    Peace and love, Rita

  16. Cari, it was a joy to read your story. You write beautifully. That it flows in, through and out from you is a gift you have been given. More people are stepping forward to say that their writing flows through them in various ways from their I AM Presence. Much of my writing flows thru as well. It is such a joy when the words effortlessly make themselves known from our inner source of power. You are a true source of love and light for all to see. I wish you great success in your spiritual path. Love to you from my heart to yours.

  17. Maureen Gallenberg Reply 21. Dec, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Dear Cari,
    I am so blessed that we have connected, and I value your honesty, personal integrity and inspirational notes and books more than you may know. While I have not experienced a NDE, I was in a very bad car accident many years ago. I was 24 yrs old. When the paramedics arrived on the scene and surveyed the damage, saw the impact and the resulting injuies to me..they told me that I had missed my death by less than a second. I was broadsided by a vehicle traveling at a speed of 60 plus MPH. That experience caused me to wonder…Why? Why did I survive that accident, and what is my reason for being on Earth. I continue to delve into that question…and am becoming more open and unabashadly secure in sharing my learning with others. I have three friends/relatives that have had a NDE and it transformed them and their outlook and perspective on life and the hereafter, also.
    More is coming and I hope also to share and assist others in seeing the Light.
    Blessings to you!

  18. I am here by chance, unless you believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I was guided here. I am always fascinated by stories of people who have had out-of-body experiences. Congratulations on following through and reaching out. WTG!

    B. Lynn Goodwin
    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers