February 21, 2009: It’s Oscar weekend!

cyndi smilingsmall.jpgHi! Cyndi here to bring you your weekly Soul’s Code Wire!The Academy Awards take place tomorrow night and the burning question isn’t if Mickey Rourke is going to win for best actor (I sure hope so!) but how do the stars control their jitters in front of one billion TV fans?  Reid Peterson gives you the low down on tips that you can cage from the stars to relieve stress in your life.Talking about dealing with stress, Soul’s Code contributor Sue Freeman became a single parent of a three year old when her husband died.  Read about how she coped with unexpected life changes and found a new love.

As always, David Rickey brings it all together in his article about the relationship between karma and grace.


cuba oscarsmall.jpgCan you imagine being nominated for an Academy Award — in front of the world (LIVE!) — with the opportunity to be officially recognized and rewarded for your work?

And to add to the anxiety, stars’ fashion sense and image are under scrutiny since their outward appearance is supposed to add glamour and eminence to the occasion.

Yet year after year, the superstars demonstrate how calm, collected, and cool they can be, in spite of “starring” in one of the more important and intimidating events of their lives.

How do they do it?

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sue and acette.jpgYoung widow” was a label that I found repulsive. Beyond the label a new love happened.

Ironically, I started dating again earlier than my family or friends expected. They told me I was insane, as I jumped into the dating scene via internet contacts. Being nearer 40 than 20, I assured them that my grief was not clouding my judgment; rather, it crystallized what I did, and didn’t want, from a potential partner.

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david.jpgNegative karma happens when we try to store up life’s riches for our own use. Positive grace takes place when lessons happen that an Intelligence wants us to know.

The Grace I have experienced in my life hasn’t been for me (although it has often been wonderfully beneficial). Rather, Grace has been given to me so that I may transmit or transact something important that affects the world beyond me.

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Have an enjoyable weekend, whether you plan to watch the Academy Awards, or spending time checking out all the links on our wire :)

See you next week!

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