February 4, 2009: Pamela Wilson, The True Nature of Sorrow





We first wrote about Pamela Wilson in our slideshow, The New Female Mystics. Now Pamela offers Soul’s Code this exclusive — her remarkable insight into the essence of depression:Sorrow has been a constant companion for many of us, and yet we are
content with the mind’s interpretation of what it is. What if sorrow is
not what it appears to be?

What if, in your heart, you know that sorrow is a sane
response to the human condition of confusion and suffering?

Everything in nature has a function, and depression’s function is to
dissolve the sense of isolation and the unnecessary defenses.

Soul's CodeWe
all know that when sorrow fills us, there is no escape. The depths of
sorrow each one of us has experienced is so great. For some of us,
there are circumstances that appear to cause sorrow and sustain it. And
yet for others, we cannot trace it back to an event.

In both cases, if we feel it deeply, it is too large to be ours alone.

For a moment, don’t touch the narrative of sorrow and notice its fathomless depths. What does this reveal?

Have you ever wondered how we have the capacity to feel so deeply?

. . . In our
innocence, we listen to thought’s interpretation of who we are and what
is happening in our life. And yet in the background, there is a
presence of such intelligence and wisdom that is already carrying the
life we call ours. 

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   New on Soul’s Code

When we revealed the existence of Google’s new School of Personal Growth, other sites began writing about us!

“According to Soul’s Code, the new school offers four areas of study: mental development; emotional development; holistic health and the Buddhist concept ‘beyond the self.’ “



  “Behind it: star-struck engineer Chade-Meng Tan . . . (who) explained the purpose at a recent conference, according to Soul’s Code, a spirituality website.”

   – Valleywag

“At the straight-ahead spirituality site, Soul’s Code, is a more descriptive story of Google’s new School of Personal Growth.”

- Shambala Sun 


 The new president

Way before he was a politician, before he even had his Harvard law degree, Barack Obama was a secret Good Samaritan. A Soul’s Code exclusive.



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