May 1, 2009: Soul’s Code turns one

Everyone’s a guru, including {FIRST_NAME|you}! Beyond Belief

Birthdaycake.jpgSoul’s Code is happy to announce our 1st Birthday!

It’s been a mere year since Soul’s Code has been on the scene…and what a memorable year it has been :)

We’ve hosted amazing slideshows written by a multitude of authors on topics from forgiveness, co-dependency, and yoga, to the Top Ten Transcendental Movies, and Top 10 Spiritual Retreats.

Our “Peak Experience” and “Meditation Junkies” photo contests gave our readers a chance to “user” experience!

pameladamias.jpgAlong the way we’ve featured the work of leading teachers like Katie Davis, Ronda LaRue, Pamela Wilson (pictured at right), David Richo, Vaishali, David Rickey and Gina Lake.

We’ve made female mystics a crusade, and as you know, Oprah gives these powerful seers little due. Which is why we sometimes challenge Oprah to a Soul’s Code smack-down when we think she needs one :)

CEO and founder Paul Kaihla’s article “Google goes spiritual” received the site’s first mainstream coverage. And around that time we were honored to be co-sponsors of The Happiness Conference in San Francisco and The Conscious Life Expo in L.A.

A new feature, Spiritual Surf, a compilation of pop culture with a spiritual spin, was launched by one of our talented editors, Michael Mattis.

We also celebrate, Cyndi Ingle, Director, Editorial Projects, who turned theSoul’s Code Facebook groupSoul’s Code Love“. Loved by more than 500 people a month.
into a marching machine with 900+ members. Check out our fb app, ”

one candlesmall.jpgAs we celebrate our first year we look to the future…there is much, much more to come…and we want you to be a part of it.  Tell your friends about Soul’s Code, send them links to your favorite articles and please forward this newsletter.

Present at the creation: An old soul celebrates its first birthday!

DAVID RICKEY — Soul’s Code is officially one year old, but, like other beings that have a history of incarnations, Soul’s Code
is an Old Soul. The present incarnation draws on a much deeper wisdom
than its chronological age would lead you to expect. And, like many
old-soul embodiments, it seems to have incarnated at just the right

Since May 2008, the world around us has seen a bewildering set of
crises and cosmic shifts. From the palpable shift stemming from Obama’s
Election and the financial meltdown to the melamine-tainted milk and
emergence of Somali pirates; from the sex scandals in high places
to the human rights abuses in Darfur, Burma, and Post-Soviet Georgia .
. . our world is delivering a message writ large that Soul’s Code is
uniquely addressing.

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