March 22, 2009: Spring Cleanse



cyndi smilingsmall.jpgHi! Cyndi here, bringin’ some Word to the street, with the Soul’s Code Wire! If you’ve suffered unemployment, or know someone who has, give an ear to the advice of Katie Davis, a realized modern-day sage:The collapse of financial institutions are examples of the collective
ego falling away — and a metaphor for personal awakening.  Read Katie Davis: A mystic responds to the recession A companioin piece to dealing with the epidemic of job loss is a first-person account by Heli Tuomi Carlile, a veteran of the volatile media labor market:

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I have a positive approach to job losses. I always try to welcome them
as signs from the universe, signs that it’s time to move on to a new
adventure, painful as it may be.  Read A first-person prescription for job-loss

Thanks to a brave Soul’s Code “guinea pig”, our Spiritual Surf category has the 411 on New Age skin technologies that may, or may not, be worth your time and money!

Entrepreneurs are targeting a cross-over audience with launches of
alternative skin technologies. These products haven’t hit the
mainstream but are making the rounds at New Age conferences. See our weekly, Spiritual Surf

Speaking of time…Alan Annand’s article on reincarnation suggests we may have more karma points than we thought!

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Karma is complicated, which is why Mahatma Gandhi said, “After inventing karma, God was finally able to retire.”  Read And you thought you only have *one* type of karma

SOUL’S CODE DOES SPRING-CLEANING: We’ve done a cleansing, and slimmed down Soul’s Code (see the new design of all the stuff that stacks down the right side of our home page). But we’ve also *added* … “LINK LOVE” is a karma-sharing box where  we support sites who support us, and others :)

At the top of the site, we created “Spiritual News,” which features our weekly SPIRITUAL SURF column each Wednesday think of it as a spiritual spin on pop culture.

We’ve also added a widget called AddThis, which allows anyone to share any article on Soul’s Code on just about *any* social media site. Our favorite: Mixx and Facebook! Let us know what you think of our changes, with gratitude, namaste, karma points and peace and love . . .

Soul’s Code members    in body and in mind

A doctor turned Buddhist gives advice on addiction

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A 20-something says a song a day keeps his depression away

True intimacy: Swami Ji and falling in love for the first time


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