Meditations for Memorial Day weekend

  Beyond Belief

Soul’s Code writers have been busy during the past couple of weeks taking on swine flu, modern-day pirates, the importance of following one’s intuition, and how surrendering to life’s considerable ups and downs is the only option.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section under each article.

pig and signsmall.jpgSwine flu (or H1N1, as the talking heads are calling it) is still infecting the news.  At Soul’s Code we have sympathy for anyone who is ill, but at the same time we recognize that the mainstream media frenzy that surrounds this issue is also unhealthy.

Our girl, Vaishali Love explains why laughter is the best medicine against swine flu hysteria.  Read Vaishali’s prescription.

The amazingly prolific Ms. Love also provides five holistic tips on how to boost your lymphatic system, which is the key to perfect health.  It includes herbs, T-Tapp exercises and cold-laser treatments.

johnny deppsmall.jpg Amy Leask makes us ponder whether, as spiritual people, it’s time we looked at pirates less as cultural icons (like Mr. Depp’s character), and more as people in crisis.  Read “Is it time to give modern pirates a moral break?”



Have you ever totally ignored your intuition?  We, too.  Whatever happened, it probably wasn’t pretty. Sandy Andrew learned three steps for trusting his intuition and it changed his life.  Read “Gut feelings guide us to our Soul’s Code.“ 

New Yorker, Julia Tuchman found the grace of surrender when she had a life-altering peak experience that included an elevator ride from hell.  Read “The power of surrender.”



Stay healthy, watch out for pirates, and remember…

Everyone’s a Guru! 


  New on Soul’s Code

Our Spiritual Surf columnist, Michael Mattis, riffs on Lisa Rinna, Star Trek’s Vulcan spirit, and  Apple’s Jesus app. 

me so holy.jpg

Do you have a peak experience, a problem you want to solve, or something you want to share on Soul’s Code?  We’d love to hear from you.



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