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HOW TO ENTER: Send submissions to, along with your name, and a one-line caption describing your inspiration, by August 25th, three weeks from today.  

FOR INSPIRATION: Check out the Meditation Junkies from our last photo contest. Use your imagination, and illuminate our space!

Our philosophy: Everyone’s a Guru

 Soul’s Code Question

  Could you forgive the unforgivable?

Inspired by a Buddhist teacher, Tom Hudgens did — on death row in a Texas prison, where he met the man who raped and murdered his sister.

Read his story…

Soul’s Code Muse

Who are the new female mystics?

They’re doing an end-run around Oprah and the self-help industry — starting with this week’s muse, Pamela Wilson.

“Sit quietly and look inside, feel the sensations in your chest. Notice how some are protective. These are the ‘felt’ defenses.

“Honor and thank them. Now look behind them to what they are protecting. There might be a quiet, or an ordinary, openness. Let yourself get curious, and feel it.”

— Pamela Wilson

Read more by Pamela Wilson…


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