How Sacred Contracts author Caroline Myss guided a Soul’s Code reader

“Before she was famous, a mystical neighbor changed my life”

caroline myss

BY ELLEN FENNER — We all have a moment we can look back on and see divine intervention that we didn’t necessarily recognize at the time. For me it was the day an angel (see photo) sat me down at her kitchen table and fed my starving soul.

In the spring of 1984, I returned home from my second year at college completely dejected. I had lost control of everything I’d ever imagined myself to have any control over. When I decided not to go back the next year, I gave up a full-tuition scholarship and set myself adrift.For five months I languished at my parents home in rural New Hampshire, unable to move forward. They did their best to help me get going again but the terror was overwhelming. Instead of enjoying the prime of my youth, I was paralyzed.

ellen fennerMy parents had begun renting the other side of their farmhouse to a new tenant. She was a woman from Chicago who had moved to New Hampshire to help start a publishing company in our small town.

I (in the picture to the left) would see her come and go, and once in a while my dad would send me over to her side of the house to call upstairs and see if she wanted some lunch with us. She was a writer and I felt a little bad about interrupting her in the middle of her work but I’d force myself to do it.

We’d all sit down around the table and talk. This fascinating woman had the most interesting view of the world, and told us stories about the people she was meeting and all that she was learning about them.

She was a city girl in her late thirties and had totally uprooted herself by moving to NH. She had no sense of what it was like to live on a farm, so my dad helped her get used to it by letting the sheep out to chase her! One day she even ended up on the roof of her car while Dad chuckled at her as he watched from inside the house.

At his urging, I’m sure, she invited me over to her kitchen one afternoon. I was completely unprepared for the directness of her question:

“Ellen, are you gay?”

I was caught off guard. “Uh . . . yes . . .” I stammered back.

She just said, “I thought so . . .”

Much of my distress at college had begun with this revelation about myself. I braced myself for the lecture that I thought was coming.

She began to tell me her understanding of why gay people exist in the world. To my surprise, she didn’t tell me that I was wrong or bad. Instead, she helped me to understand my place in the world and the progression of life in general, since it was clear to me that mine was not going to follow a “normal” trajectory. She told me stories about how gay people throughout history had existed to change the consciousness of society.

We discussed the population crisis and how homosexuals were a way for the universe to put the brakes on a bit. I began to understand that it was up to me to create my own concept of life. She urged me to “just take one step. It doesn’t matter what direction — JUST MOVE!”

We talked for hours, and though my memories of the specific conversation are spotty now, I still feel the opening of my heart as she peeled back the white knuckles of my mind, one by one, to reveal a light in me that I had forgotten was there.

Years later, after I’d fallen out of touch with her, I overheard someone in Florida talking about this amazing woman she’d just learned of named Caroline Myss. My ears perked up, and I flashed back to that farmhouse kitchen encounter in 1984. “You know Caroline?” I asked the woman. She replied, “Doesn’t everybody? If they don’t, they should!”

I had no idea that Caroline, this wonderful thinker and writer who wore fancy fur coats in rural New Hampshire and had been afraid of a bunch of sheep, had since gone on to deliver to the rest of the world the same message of clarity and redemption that she had given me in the infancy of her work as a mystical Medical Intuitive, spiritual teacher and author. As the woman in Florida said, “If you don’t know Caroline, you should.”

Thank you, Caroline Myss, for devoting your life to sharing your message.

Ellen is a writer and artist living in central Florida, immersed in the suburban dream of her youth, but with the perspective of a lifetime of unconventional experiences and spiritual searching. Check out Ellen’s humor-fueled blog, Downright E-fenzive.

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3 Responses to “How Sacred Contracts author Caroline Myss guided a Soul’s Code reader”

  1. This both a beautiful vignette into the “character” of Carolyn Myss, one of the truly great spiritual teachers of our time, it also is a lovely example of how synchronicity works, how the universe brings us the “teaching” we need through unexpected sources.

  2. It’s amazing and beautiful how things usually work out. Thanks for sharing this very personal story with Soul’s Code, Ellen!

  3. I have purchased and listened to her CDs. She gives a very positive message.