April 19th: Live with Vaishali & Phyllis King

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Vaishali Love and Phyllis King, two of our most read gurus on Soul's Code

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Now you can see them in person, together. There's one catch though… they are only appearing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here for further details…

Vaishali Love

Vaishali describes herself as "part stand-up comic, part spiritual leader, full-time Soul Stripper." Her 5 greatest hits are:

Phyllis King

Phyllis refers to herself as "the common sense psychic". She is also an author and spiritual teacher. Her top 5 articles are:


Soul's Code Featured Contributor

My teacher, Eckhart Tolle, told me when we met, "You already have it." It took me 10 years to see the truth in his statement.

Read Soul's Code's featured contributor Karen McPhee's article.

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