August 26, 2010: A sexual healer’s magical world

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Entering the magical world of a sexual healer


GUEST COLUMN: SARAH MCCLURE —  The past two years of my life have been an intensive period of self-examination, self-discovery, deep sexual healing and opening to the study of the temple arts.

I learned that most of the shamanic spiritual journeys I had experienced were all related to sacred sexual rites, and I was being called to take responsibility for transmitting these insights and offering this healing to other people.

Who am I serving in this work?

I work with men who have a deep awareness that sexual expression and aliveness is vitally important in their lives and who wish to engage with the world in a truly powerful, free, healthy and spiritually aligned way. These are men who wish to structure their family lives, work lives and love lives in a totally passionate and sacred way. It is a new way that has never before been lived in history – where the Divine Masculine is deeply honored in complete harmony with the Divine Feminine.

Is this possible?  Yes. . .totally! And the pathway is being revealed to us all, if we are willing to step up.

I have created the Penis Heart ceremony, a magical and simple ritual where there is loving attention offered to remind the man of the sacred joining of the energies of the lingam (sanskrit word for penis) and his heart.

When this connection is strong and secure, the man is able to trust his penis and live passionately, knowing he is connected to his heart and hence, the Divine. I know one man, with whom I have worked, who now uses his penis as both barometer and compass to lead him in a passionate life. 

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