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Winter Rhapsody: a meditation by David Rickey

How to savor lasting impressions of beauty in the present moment

DAVID RICKEY — I am sitting by the window listening to a recording of Le Tombeau de Couperin, by Maurice Ravel, performed by Pascal Rogé. Ravel was one of the great French impressionist composers. The music lends itself to drifting in thought, and. . .well . . .impressions.

I gaze out the window, seeing the bare trees of winter outlined against the flat grey sky. I see the mottled brown crumpled leaves lying dead on the newly green grass. And I see a robin perched on a branch, perhaps looking for a worm to emerge from the cold, damp earth. This season, especially in California, is such a wonderful mixture of color and dullness, life and death.

And it is all good.

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A 2010 detox for your psyche

Our recent passage through fear and anxiety was a repercussion of spiritual bankruptcy. A psychic’s recipe for cleansing your mind

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — January 2010 has never been a better time to say yes to our true essence. The roto rooter shock waves that careened through our lives in 2009 is coming to an end.

The fear and anxiety that crippled so many people’s lives has seen its pinnacle.

For those who have been paying attention, we know that this has been the repercussion of a spiritual bankruptcy.

Let us now get our houses in order by saying yes to the healthiest, most creative and loving parts of ourselves.

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Hypnotherapy: a Child’s Head Revisited

A hypnotherapist describes a case where, by resolving a childhood trauma with hypnotherapy, a client learns to live in the present

GUEST COLUMN: SURJA JESSUP — As a hypnotherapist, body-worker and holistic practitioner, I am frequently challenged in sessions with clients by resistance to change due to experiences in their past.

Thanks to a life-changing trip to India nearly two decades ago, my personal style of hypnotherapy has merged with a practice of spiritual inquiry — the investigation of what is really true, here and now.

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Waiting to exhale

“The process of dying, naturally, involves letting go. During full-body relaxation in yoga, called corpse pose, letting go is voluntary.”

GUEST COLUMN: HEATHER GREAVES — Yoga teaches us to journey inside and become an observer, showing us how to be relaxed yet alert.   Through yoga we practice the art of letting go.

The word YOGA can conjure images of twisted poses and unattainable contortions while standing on one’s head. Yet, whether the pose is simple or complex, the key to unlocking the secret of yoga lies in breathing.

How we breathe affects us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. With practice, it is truly amazing that even when there is a challenge on one or more of these levels, the body itself continues to breathe quietly.

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Hypnotic mantras

An urban mystic, psychotherapist and star student of the late, great Milton Erickson does a deep-dive on love, relationships and the real way to heal from a break-up

THE TAO OF A WOMAN: AN EXCERPT FROM THE NEW BOOK BY MICHELE RITTERMAN — After a therapy session, I hand my client a post-it note that highlights what we have accomplished. These mysterious hypnotic mantras find their way to a wallet, an iPhone, or a fridge door . . . I know you will discover something more than I can know:


We are social creatures, yet in our competitive, aggressive and nano-second-centric world, it is not easy to relate to each other, much less to sustain our bonds.

Good love stays close to our bones and whispers to us the secrets about who we are. Good love has synchronicity and a rhythm.

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Is what you perceive, what you receive?

A meditation and affirmation for the weekend on how to live the meta-high life

PHYLLIS KING — So much of living a practical metaphysical life has to do with practicing principles, and living them.

The process of flowing with life is often one of remembering. We will always meet with hardship and struggle when we hold an expectation that life must accommodate our timetable, and our perspective of what life should look like.

The game is always to shift our perspective to one of expansion. We are called to expand our point of view to see the greater objective at play. It is our job to understand  . . . call it life, call it the universe, call it whatever you want.

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Do you judge yourself for “wimping out”?

A seer’s advice on how to move through gagged emotions

PHYLLIS KING — Success is driven by making choices. The most important aspect, however, are not the choices themselves, but how we feel about those choices: how we feel about what we are doing and why.

Our love, thoughts, and intentions are created by how we feel, our creative soup, if you will. And Source responds to these feelings.

We must train ourselves to be present with our feelings, have the courage to own what they are, know where they came from, and understand why we are having them.

And we say “thank you” for the opportunity to expand.

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Born in Israel, a female mystic goes beyond 9/11

Love is the answer for transforming all pain into unconditional love

SMADAR DE LANGE — I meditate on this day on the worth of life. 9/11 is an exhibit of the way some in the body of humanity do not believe in the worth of individual human life.

It’s easy to call people like this “terrorists.” But let’s drill deeper into the thing in their value system that devalues. They believe that human lives do not have a meaning in their individuality, but only as a collective.

Belonging to a certain ethnicity, religion, nationality, geographical location is all that a human presence is to this group-think mentality.

In these times, it seems that we are on a pendulum between being a spark of dust to being it all  . . .

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One hundred ways to Create Change Now: Reflections for Personal Transformation

Soul’s Code invites you to enjoy two excerpts from our contributor, CARI LAGRANGE MURPHY’s book

Inner Yearnings Require Outward Expression

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

Don’t leave this life with all of the precious music of your heart still inside you! You have been given a sense of passion that is unique. What is it that drives your personal feeling of inspiration from the inside out? What activities generate enthusiasm, spiritual pleasure, and undeniable bliss within you?

Pay attention to the purposeful inner yearnings that desire outward expression. Your life is meant to be embraced and lived as fully and completely as possible.

Recognize that you are worthy of taking the time for yourself that allows you to engage in the manifestation of your passions and dreams.

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MyTunes: Cosmic answers from an iPod

Even something as materialistic as an MP3 player can help us connect and communicate with the universe

GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — When I bought my iPod, it was with great chagrin. I was teaching at the time, and I competed with the little electronic beasts for my students’ attention on a daily basis. I did the “pull out your earphones” gesture about as often as I turned a page.

I wanted one to keep myself alert, as well as relaxed, while slogging through my very large pile of grading. It worked; within weeks I was so smitten with my new toy I purchased a colorful sticker to disguise its bland, silver exterior and hungrily downloaded anything funky enough to capture my interest.

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