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Animal love

With meditation and practice you can learn to commune with pets and all of God’s creatures

GUEST COLUMN: KAREN ANDERSON — For as long as I can remember I have always loved animals. When I was young I remember spending the day with my animal friends, sharing all of my hopes and dreams with them.

At that age, I had the ability to understand what the animals were experiencing and feeling, and thought everyone could do so. I was able to sense their happiness, sadness and sometimes even their pain.

Many years later, after my communicating abilities had long-since faded, I was deep in meditation when spirit guides came to me and unveiled the path I would soon take.

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Living Life with Intensity

Call it a peak experience, meditation or tuning in. To one Aussie teacher, “it” felt like a bliss called love

GUEST COLUMN: NHYS GLOVER — Once while teaching a personal development class  in Australia, I asked my students to relate the feeling of one of those moments in their lives when their cup was running over with joy.

They stared blankly at me.

“You don’t know this feeling? Not even when something really good happened in your life?” I asked incredulously.

They all shook their heads. I was gob-smacked. To live life without having those moments of intense joy or happiness seemed like no life at all.

I wondered how people could survive without those moments. I wondered what life would be like without them. I can’t even imagine.

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Living in fear: The day the music died

Living in fear: The day the music died

I wasn’t yet 10 years old and — in a flash — my childhood was over

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — March 26, 1975 started out like any other day. It was a school day and I was in the 4th grade in Ms. Royer’s class. Ms. Royer looked like a great grandma. She was thin and gray, and secretly, I thought she was a professor instead of a 4th grade teacher.

The school bus pulled up to Oxford Drive and my neighbor Joel and I got off the bus. We were walking together, the same way we did every day. I stopped. Just stopped right in my tracks and I remember saying to Joel that something was wrong. I had a strange sensation like dizziness, but not dizziness; something else, instead. We continued up the road to my house and I unlocked the door and let myself inside.

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MyTunes: Cosmic answers from an iPod

Even something as materialistic as an MP3 player can help us connect and communicate with the universe

GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — When I bought my iPod, it was with great chagrin. I was teaching at the time, and I competed with the little electronic beasts for my students’ attention on a daily basis. I did the “pull out your earphones” gesture about as often as I turned a page.

I wanted one to keep myself alert, as well as relaxed, while slogging through my very large pile of grading. It worked; within weeks I was so smitten with my new toy I purchased a colorful sticker to disguise its bland, silver exterior and hungrily downloaded anything funky enough to capture my interest.

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An incest survivor’s six steps to triumph over adversity

Phyllis King is no victim; she experienced abuse, yet found a way to re-frame negative experiences

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — As an incest survivor, I have learned a lot about control and abuse of power.

My life reads like a struggle for survival.  My challenges have included loneliness, betrayal, and rejection by many whom I held most dear.  As I journeyed through these events, I developed strength, courage and love.

With courage, I faced my fears, with strength I remained true to myself, and with love I experienced renewal.

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The Universe as a Mirror: How Are You Reflected?

A common struggle in all relationships is what psychologists call projection. Here’s how I use nature to identify my projections and heal myself.

BOOK EXCERPT FROM JOHN ENGLISH’S NEW RELEASE THE LITTLE BOOK ON RELATIONSHIP — The universal law of attraction says: Like frequencies attract one another. This law of attraction is always at work in every aspect of our lives. What we are aware of and what we focus on is no exception. The universe is a mirror. Our internal condition is always mirrored back to us by what we create in our lives. This is what comes to us from the universal mirror.

I’m going to give an example of contemplation and the universal mirror.

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The Edible Woman

Oprah says, ‘You don’t have to be thin to be gorgeous.’ But my weight gain led to physical pain. So I discovered the joys of walking

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — At 43-years-old I went to the doctor because my neck hurt. Well, that was part of the reason. I was walking around looking more and more like Quasimodo and less like SueAnn.  The reactions on the faces of people looking at me ranged from genuine concern to suppressed giggles; it was enough to humiliate me all the way to the doctor.  That and, of course, the pain.

Dr. Vanderbeck is a physician who looks directly at you when he’s telling you things you don’t want to hear.  He doesn’t condescend.  “SueAnn,” he began. “You have osteoarthritis in your lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas of your spine. Here’s the report, read it.” He wasn’t smiling.

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How I used intention to find my ‘ideal’ man

A 20-something seeker from South Carolina shares her secrets for finding, and realizing, love in the 21st century

GUEST COLUMN: CHELSEA LANGAN — Imagine remembering only the very best memories, and making only the finest plans for the future. This is all that should be going on when you are fully immersed in the present moment (a theme explored brilliantly in the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

My mantra to myself: ‘Negative thoughts that come across your mind are strictly off limits.’ Acknowledging this is really all it takes to eliminate the flotsam that weighs us down.  It is possible to let your inner light of love and life literally take over every process and aspect of your life.

What works for me: letting go and surrendering.  We are called to abandon worry and create moments of stillness in our minds to think precisely of NOTHING.  Hard to do, right?   Try these tricks throughout the day.

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Does the world of spirituality need to lose the jargon?

When an accountant goes spiritual, he learns a whole new code: “Presence? But it’s not my birthday”

GUEST COLUMN: TIM TAYLOR —  Spirituality is pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s something that we each really want to share with our friends and family.  We want them to enjoy many of the benefits that make us high.

I grew up in Indiana and went to Wharton Business School because I wanted to be a Chief Financial Officer. After 15 years of working as a consultant and controller I knew there had to be more to life.

My therapist recommended The Wisdom of No Escape . . .and everything started to change. Not overnight, but inexorably, kind of like St. Francis when he turned back from his first night’s ride as a would-be knight to join the Fourth Crusade.

I stepped into the world of spirituality, and what I remember most was learning a whole new way of speaking that was confusing. I heard a language that was English but nothing short of Sanskrit to me.

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Where “Snot Boy,” “Dogma” and the Dalai Lama meet

The platypus, a baboon’s behind, and The Housewives Tarot prove that the universe has a wild sense of humour

 GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — As an undergrad, I took an English seminar on women and nature, which included a number of traditional stories from Canada’s “First Nations” communities. Eyebrows went up when we were assigned a piece entitled “Snot Boy”, and as we read about the first man on Earth being created from mucus, we guiltily stifled our giggles.

It was an incredible relief when our professor pointed out that even the most sacred of stories could still be told with humour. Life, after all, could be incredibly strange and funny, and it wasn’t a sin to acknowledge that fact — even in sacred writings.

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