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Michael Jackson or Martin Luther: Who had more soul?

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ: Scoring soul, musically-speaking

BY SOUL’S CODE — Music. Spirituality. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. But how much do you really know about the spiritual lives of your favorite musicians, or the musical lives of the spiritual leaders who shaped our world?

Modern music came to us from the spiritual — or more precisely, the monastic. Gregorian Chants, sung in chorus by monks as a series of meditative Om’s in the High Middle Ages, inspired the creation of written music and what we now call musical notation.

Click on the radio buttons below to test the depth of your soul, musically-speaking:

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Michael Jackson: May he be reincarnated

Soul’s Code columnists, spiritual teachers and readers share their insights about the King of Pop’s passage

SOUL’S CODE — When the Indian “hugging saint”, Amma, perhaps the most-loved person on the planet, enters an ashram or a hall or a tent in her world travels, all rise. Her presence is so supernatural, so beyond celebrity or personality, the rite acknowledges a rare phenomenon: the “godhead” has touched the floor which you, too, touch.

So it was with Michael Jackson. When his feet touched a stage, his presence touched a deep energy and knowing in us all. The “godhead” touched earth. Our columnists and readers share how they were touched . . .

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Spiritual Surf: Akon angers Buddhists, Social networking not evil, Woman positive Sweden

Akon VS Buddhists; Disabled community embraces social networking; mystery of Shroud of Turin may finally be solved


Sri Lanka shows no love for rapper Akon: Bikini babes and Buddha in videos don’t mix on Sinhalese Buddhists’ watch.

Social networking more than idle chat to disabled: People gaining a community and “family” online.

Don’t want to face your therapist?  New research shows therapy by teleconference as effective as face to face.

Sweden voted No. 1 place for women to live: Flexible gender roles part of the reason.

Just in time for Easter! If new “gas” method is allowed, it may successfully date the Shroud of Turin.

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Avatar’s art direction draws on the 1970s’ most spiritual band: Yes

James Cameron’s floating islands of planet are inspired by Roger Dean, a pop artist famous for creating mystical album covers like Close to the Edge and Fragile

BY PAUL KAIHLA — Reviewers insist that the story-line for Avatar owes a lot to Pocahontas but the visual universe that James Cameron created for the planet Pandora owes more to British artist Roger Dean and the portfolio of album covers he created for the progressive rock band, Yes. The ensemble’s front man, Jon Anderson, was influenced by advaita teachings and the early 20th-century Indian spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda.

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Fighting seasonal depression with song

Many people feel intensely sad during the winter months; here’s how a 23-year-old musician copes with his depression all year round

GUEST COLUMN: BLAKE BLISS — When I experience depression it’s a lot like watching a nightmare in endless rewind.

It closes in on me and keeps me from feeling anything positive.

I feel so alone most days that the sick feeling of isolation seems like my only reality. It’s strange, but it seems that when I’m lonely, the best cure is solitude.

The problem is, my demons often creep in from the shadows and raid my mind, plaguing me with dark imagery and worry.

My depression goes way back; I never faced my feelings as a child.

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Spiritual Surf: Mary, Tiger Woods, Chanukah, Musical Healing, Bodhi Day

Immaculate Mary: fan of Luther

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, is celebrated this week by Roman Catholics. This holy day commemorates Mary’s being conceived without original sin.  Two surprising features of the holy day?  Historically many Christians believed that Mary was conceived without the stain of original sin, yet this belief was not promulgated as Catholic dogma until December 8, 1854 (fairly recent relative to the world of Catholic doctrine).  Second, while many Protestants scoff at this belief, the first advocate of the Reformation, Martin Luther, firmly believed in the immaculate conception of Mary.

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Spiritual Surf: Beatles & Jesus, Madonna, Obama, “Guiding Light”

The Beatles vs. Jesus; Madonna at the MTV Awards; Obama talks healthcare; and the demise of Sunday’s “Guiding  Light”

Rock Band; Beatlemania returns but are they still more popular than Jesus?

“I  never had a Mother, he never had a childhood” Madonna pays tearful farewell to MJ

“Guiding Light,” debuted on the radio on Jan. 25, 1937 ; Time magazine had just described television as “science which shows no serious signs yet of becoming an industry

“Health Care I own it” Preaching to the unconverted, Obama Tells 60 Minutes in White House Interview he will be ultimately responsible for legislation

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Spiritual Surf: Scientology in the hot seat (again), Smithsonian’s spiritual journey through Big Sur, Ali Akbar Kahn, and Madoff’s soul stealing

Scientology leader accused of slapping subordinates

David Miscavige, Church of Scientology chairman, has been accused of  hitting staff members on several occasions. Said one alleged witness, “It was random and whimsical. It could be the look on your face. Or not answering a question quickly. But it always was a punishment.” Soul’s Code finds this a curious use of the word “whimsical,” but hopes that such whimsy, if true, will come to an end, soon. It can only contribute to our collective pain body.

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