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Fire-walking through fear

Fire-walking through fear

A doctor of physics and founder of a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence start-up does a fire-walk with Tony Robbins

Fire Walking Ceremony | Originally uploaded by Skip the Filler.

STEPHEN OMOHUNDRO — I thought I’d share the powerful experience I had at a Tony Robbins workshop in Colorado Springs.

For the last several years I’ve had a practice of noticing when I’m touched by something and following up on it. I had seen Tony’s infomercial many years ago and thought of him as a charismatic speaker but a bit too “rah-rah” for my taste. His interview with Larry King, however, had a depth and subtlety that grabbed my attention. He exhibited a compassion and strength that I felt I could learn from.

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Spiritually $urviving job loss

The Secret‘s wishful thinking, versus the reality of 7 million American jobs lost. Soul’s Code introduces its own guide to balancing job security — and inner security

BY PAUL KAIHLA —  Oprah’s endorsement helped make a viral, online video called, The Secret, a mainstream hit a couple of years ago.

The theme of The Secret is that the good or bad you see in your life situation is a reflection of the contents of your consciousness. No, not your intellectual property — your intention. The producers of the indie Internet phenomenon co-opted the phrase, “the law of attraction” — as in, you have what you believe in.

Or more to their point: your affluence equals your attitude.

By that measure, many Americans — and good people all around the world — must have been thinking some very, very bad things, indeed, since September, 2008.

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Spiritual Surf: Lost says, “Namaste”, Tony Robbins writes “vanity”, Jennifer Aniston’s Dogma, Yuppie Islam and More

Lost goes all the way with, Namaste

When the Sopranos was on the air, Soul’s Code liked to call the HBO “family” show the TV series with the most mystical messaging. Sorry Tony, but ABC’s Lost now blows your crew off the screen on that score. The way that Lost routinely plays with the notion of both linear time and personal identity as illusions of the mind makes it the most spiritual show on TV.

Episode 9 of Season 5 is called, “Namaste”, a Sanskrit word uttered when you bow to the divinity, or spark in the heart chakra, of another. “Namaste” is also the greeting they say on the Lost island to new recruits at the Dharma Initiative, a 1970′s scientific commune that is now the center of action for Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lily), Sawyer and the other main characters.

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Soul’s Code reviews Tony Robbins at the TED conference

TED Conference: Tony Robbins calls Al Gore a “son-of-a-bitch” . . . to his face!

BY PAUL KAIHLA — The 2007 “TED” conference — an eponymous acronym for ‘Technology Entertainment and Design’ — drew celebs-with-substance like Philippe Starck and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the conference center in Monterey, CA this weekend. It’s slugged as a summit of “icons, geniuses and mavericks,” but it’s really a Silicon Valley boondoggle that parades as Davos Lite.

Few geek/policy-wonk conferences deliver YouTube-able entertainment. But this high-powered, high-tech, Meet-Up totally delivered thanks to the presence of Al Gore, the sole member of Google’s advisory board, and Tony Robbins. The one-time TV infommercial schtick-man used the forum to re-brand himself, up-market.

Here’s the news-making line Robbins shot back after Gore humorously heckled him:

He’s broken my pattern, that son of a bitch.

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