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Proto PET

Do thoughts in your brain produce ailments – or healing – in your body?

If acts of thinking register in scans like a PET, what are thoughts doing to your tissue? A first-person account from a woman who had two terminal diagnoses

BY VAISHALI LOVE: After being diagnosed terminal from an illness — and then again ten years later from an injury — there is one thing I truly understand as a result of piecing my health back together and studying the Eastern healing sciences.

What I want to share with you is the physical dynamics of emotions — how emotions travel through the body, what emotions stress and undermine which organs, and how unresolved emotional experiences can literally get trapped inside the body.

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Bumper sticker wisdom

Bumper sticker wisdom

Hey gurus and motivators: Let’s take a page from Twitter and T-shirts. Why all the complex philosophies?

BY VAISHALI – Ever notice how so many of the bumper sticker messages out there are simple yet profound? I saw a great one recently that said Life is the Classroom. Love is the Lesson. That pretty much says it all.

How is it that all the great spiritual sayings can fit on a bumper sticker or T-shirt?

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Six ways to insure your health yourself

Six ways to insure your health yourself

Why rely on the administration of drugs — or the Obama administration — to cure diseases if you can avoid getting sick in the first place? The worst culprits, including heart disease and many forms of cancer, are preventable with some basic self-care.

BY VAISHALI — The largest generation in history, the post-WWII Baby Boomers (76 million people in the U.S., alone), are entering their peak need for care. And those of us affected by a U.S. health-care reform led by President Obama may end up (or not) at the government’s mercy to nurse what ails us. In the name of self-preservation, here are six highly-effective, do-it-yourself tips to keep the doctor away, and aging at bay.

Six ways to enhance your health and vitality

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A conscious meal

A conscious meal

A spiritual teacher explores Eastern systems of self-healing and your digestive system.

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI — Most people think of the digestive process as something limited to the foods and liquids that we stuff into our mouths daily. However, digestion is best understood as a metaphor for life.

According to Eastern systems of self-healing, our entire body is an aggregate of different types of digestive intelligences.

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Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers Quiz – Female Mystics

Soul’s Code has sung the praises of female mystics and spiritual teachers since our inception —  meet our inspirations, Pamela Wilson, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Katie Davis, Vaishali Love and Karen McPhee

Test your S-factor, as in, the measure of the soul:

1.  According to transpersonal psych studies, women have an edge when it comes to remembering, understanding and relaying their mystical experiences. Why is that?

A.  Women are smarter than men.
B.  Women have better communication between the left and right sides of the brain.
C.  Men have fewer mystical experiences than women.
D.  Men censor themselves more than women, and will not admit to having mystical experiences.

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Soul’s Code’s own Vaishali Love and Phyllis King – LIVE

Soul’s Code’s own Vaishali Love and Phyllis King – LIVE

Making Your Mind Your Friend: Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Saturday, April 24th 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Jack London Aquatic Center, Oakland, CA


Soul’s Code’s has celebrated the notion of female mystics, and how spiritual teachers who are women have emerged at the forefront of a pursuit that has been male-dominated since the Old Testament prophets. Okay . . . since the Buddha.

Here, two of the most prolific contributors on Soul’s Code, appear together at the same time and place.  Vaishali and Phyllis will teach you how to:

  • Become fully aware of your life purpose
  • Identify your ego-based dialog, and how it affects your abundance
  • Receive readings from these experts on enlightenment on your most pressing questions
  • De-oxidize your thought-patterns and recycle your psyche to a fresh start

Go to:  Vaishali and this event, and Phyllis, the common-sense psychic

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7 Ayurvedic tips for de-stressing your digestive system

The spiritual secrets of fine dining: No. 2, Have a glass of wine with your meal

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI — Our digestive system is the cornerstone of all the body’s health and strength – emotional, mental, as well as physical. These are simple Ayurvedic tips to optimize your digestive system.

1. Do not eat if you do not feel hungry. Feeling hungry is your body’s way . . .

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How I choose love over the norm, i.e. fear

An interviewer asked me if I knew the meaning and purpose of life. I answered in the affirmative, footnoted by Monty Python, Boston Legal, Animal House and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI — The interviewer was somewhat taken aback. He admitted that he did not fully expect me to be able to answer that question. He had posed the same question to Timothy Leary, Ph.D. Leary was surprised by the question and, after stumbling through an awkward response, admitted that he did not know the answer. Needless to say, not exactly the climactic moment the interviewer was anticipating.

It does illustrate the fact that most intelligent people, when asked the “big question,” feel at a loss for an immediate, direct and concise response.

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With signs of apocalypse all around us, even Hollywood is obsessed with 2012

Worried about war, depression, global warming and the price of gas? No wonder everyone’s talking about the year 2012

BY VAISHALI, author of You Are What You Love® and Wisdom Rising

Everywhere I go I hear conversations — rumblings about 2012. As I watched the Dow zig-zag across 10,000 and Congress authorize trillions of dollars to rescue us from the financial crisis, the rumblings got louder.

What exactly is 2012, and why all the buzz about it? Google “2012,” and you’ll get a quarter-billion hits. Now, two years in the making, Hollywood’s publicity machine is adding to the uproar with the marketing campaign for Roland Emmerich’s holiday-season disaster blockbuster, 2012.

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The best health insurance plan: a state of play

Practicing medicine without a license: we learned our first and most powerful  meditation technique and psychological skill as kids — while playing house

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI LOVE — Have you ever considered that everyone is born knowing how to play?  If we are all born with an instinctive knowledge for something, that wisdom must be pretty important to life itself.  For instance, without play, what would be the point of life?

As Jack Nicholson so famously expressed it in a Stephen King classic (The Shining), “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Not to mention unhappy and unhealthy.

And from the looks of it, the real Jack has had no shortage of play.

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