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The new, new workouts about to break out

Fitness celebs and marketing campaigns are out to hook you. Here are a couple of athelete-driven, mind-body movements.

BY SOUL’S CODE — If you’re going to get hooked on anything, it might as well be on healing habits for your mind and body.

We introduced you to emerging techniques like Chi Running. We handicapped cardio-dance trends like 5Rhythms and the S-Factor.

Ya, we know, Zumba won! Ten million Americans now do Zumba every week — and every major gym chain in the country sends Colombian-born Alberto Perez’s Zumba Fitness Inc. a royalty payment for those classes.

But here is our question: Will one of these (below) be the next Zumba, or pilates, or workout to break out?

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Find yourself, lose yourself

Find yourself, lose yourself

Black Swan shows the best and worst extremes of art and letting go

BY MICHELLE MORRA-CARLISLE – As the closing credits for Black Swan started rolling, the woman I was sitting next to turned to me and said, “Weird, eh?”

Yes, the darling ballerina who first graced the screen had gone off the artistic deep end. There comes a point in Black Swan where everyone in the theatre realizes it’s more than just a movie about an angst-ridden dancer. We fidget, uncomfortably bracing ourselves for what’s next.

Natalie Portman’s character, Nina Sayers, is a disciplined dancer whose entire focus is on keeping it together. That means being sweet enough to keep her unstable and manipulative mother (Barbara Hershey) from unraveling, quiet enough not to elicit the wrath of her catty fellow dancers, and having full control over her every ballet move. That self-discipline makes her the ideal White Swan for Swan Lake – her big break – but her choreographer Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) doubts her ability to embody the sensual darkness of the Black Swan. In a grueling rehearsal, the sexy and cruel Thomas says, “Perfection is not just about control. It’s also about letting go.”

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The secret spiritual life of football

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — Football. It’s more than just men running around a field getting sweaty. Its physicality makes it a test of nerve. Its complexity makes it a test of brains. Talk to many professional players and they’ll tell you it’s a test of the spirit, too.

Football is more than just a turkey-day tradition. Indeed, it’s also a spiritual exercise. After all, can there be a better example of how to give thanks than an end-zone Hail Mary dance?

Let’s find out how much you know about the secret spiritual lives of 49ers coach Mike Singletary, Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, “Minister of Defense” Reggie White and their NFL brethren.

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5 Mind-Body workouts that are about to Break out

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“From my Creative Heart to Yours”: A dancer, writer and artist dishes on her creative process, how to channel your inner voice — and fill yourself with passion and ecstasy


As an artist running my own studio, the conveniently-named Soul Art Studio, I often get asked about the creative process — and how my art comes together. One of the biggest topics revolves around ‘where’ the art comes from.

The questions often have this flavor:

How do you know when it is your inner voice and not just your rational mind telling you another “should”?

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