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sue and acette

How to forgive the past, and learn to love again

“Young widow” was a label that I found repulsive. Beyond the label a new love happened

GUEST COLUMN: SUE FREEMAN — When I lost my first husband in 2006, I wondered what changes would come next. Instantly, I was a single parent raising a three-year-old girl. I had mountains of my husband’s paperwork to contend with, which took me upwards of six months to complete.

Most days I didn’t know if I was coming or going, especially during those first few months. Between answering questions as to the “why” of his death, and my attendance at two rounds of very helpful grief support groups, I started to feel a little more like my feet were on the ground again.

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Why the ‘love business’ is recession-proof

Cupid’s founder Julie Ferman answers questions from Soul’s Code about the boom in the love business, and “What is an aura mixer”?

SOUL’S CODE — According to varied forms of spiritual practice and to the discipline of parapsychology, all of us are surrounded by an “aura” — a field of faint and glowing radiation.  You have probably had the experience of meeting people who seem to exude love, fun, anger or hate — even before they utter a word.

Julie Ferman uses auras to help singles connect. She hosts Aura Mixers and Flirt Parties. Julie is an expert in these matters: She launched the matchmaking service Cupid’s Coach in the last recession after 9/11 and the bust.

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bama smoke

Spiritual Surf: Obama fatigue, ‘General’ Chopra, Dr. Phil’s ratings, and More

Betting against Obama fatigue

By now it’s clear that former President Elect Barack Obama‘s image can sell just about anything, from puppy sweaters to phony commemorative coins. But he can also sell your cause — any cause — as discovered by On its “Yes You Can Challenge” petitions page — where you can create and circulate your own petition electronically — the site boasts a picture and an inspiring quote from the new prez. Piggy-backing an inspiring brand to inspire people is a natural strategy for self-help sites — as long as the brand lasts. Some were already claiming “Obama fatigue” before last year’s election.

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From sinner to saint: My beginner’s mind

“Work was my compulsion; the admiration of others, my addiction. Taking back my life was a labor of love”

DATELINE, British Columbia: DAWN DANCING OTTER — I was raised a Christian. My family, for many generations (so far as I know) has been Christian of one denomination or another. When I was a child, I loved God with a child’s conviction. I was fairly certain that God was an old man, kind of an angry one, with a beard, who lived in the sky. I would pray to the old man every night and sometimes all day long. . . please help me, I feel alone, God.

I wanted God’s approval SO badly. There was literally no way to receive it, though, because I was told I was already a sinner.

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7 spiritual recession lessons

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Laura Hollick explains her spiritual definition of physical beauty

“Before I learned how to know who I am from the inside-out, I thought I needed to become a model to be beautiful.”

GUEST COLUMN: LAURA HOLLICK — “People feel ugly when they look at beauty magazines.” 

I heard this saying and I thought it was ironic. . . Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever compared yourself to someone in a magazine and felt like you didn’t measure up, or have you thought, “if I just change these things about myself then I’ll be beautiful”?

I’d like to share a story with you about my quest to understand beauty. . .

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What’s the difference between the stock market and a drunk?

What’s the difference between the stock market and a drunk?

Sorry, no punch line. But the similarities are striking

BY JOHN S.  — As I’ve been watching “live” coverage of the brutal second-by-second collapse of the stock market — broken only by occasional reprieves — I have found myself thinking that I was witnessing a surreal representation of a drunk spiraling to his demise.

Cable TV’s cheerleader of capitalism, CNBC, plasters banners across the screen constantly: “When will we reach a bottom?” . . . “Is the bottom near?” . . . “Still no clear bottom.” The flashing numbers are bright red, the graphical charts all diving towards the gutter — down 340 points one moment, down 780 the next.

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The Great Toaster Lesson

How a prayer circle, and a kitchen fire, led to a powerful Aha! Moment

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — Every other Saturday morning my friend Kim picks me up to join the Elgin Street Mission Breakfast Club, a group comprised of  women who serve food at a local soup kitchen. Our captain is Debbie, an energetic woman I like to describe via her shoes: Keds sneakers colored with Sharpies into left and right rainbows.

Kim, I met at church. She is one of those people who keeps her Christian faith private, although her spirit is always at work. That she didn’t try to coerce me into a volunteer effort made me want to do it all the more.

This past Saturday, only my second time participating, I immediately went to my cereal pouring job because that’s what I knew how to do. I was pouring when our toaster lady, Barb, asked me if I thought the industrial-sized block of hard yellow stuff was butter or margarine?

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crisis on wall street

Can we find *true* wealth in a financial meltdown?

As the fear on Wall Street panics every holder of American stocks, here is a lesson from the Great Depression: Our grandparents weren’t left behind by their community, family or friends.

GUEST COLUMN: SHERYL KARAS — What is your greatest source of wealth in a Depression? A dependable day job? Gold coins stashed under your mattress? A 401K retirement plan?

If the stock market crashes and inflation rises at the speed of light, things we’ve been taught to depend on in recent years will turn out to have been nothing to depend on at all.

The real source of wealth for people in the Great Depression were their communities, family and friends.

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How to make love work: Ban the word “relationship”

What is it like to be in a relationship with an enlightened being? Here is what Eckhart Tolle’s intimate partner, Kim Eng, tells people who always ask

BY PAUL KAIHLA — Eng answered that question as she conducted a Q&A with her spiritually-famous lover about the lessons of their relationship. The dialogue is startling for its courage and clarity and offers a rare insight into their private world.

“During my travels, one of the most frequently asked question is “What is it like to be in relationship with an enlightened being?”

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