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Where my spiritual path and science meet

Where my spiritual path and science meet

“Can enlightenment happen through meditation and practice?” Drawing on Eckhart Tolle, her personal experience and science, the answer is: Yes

By Anonymous — I began meditating about two and a half years ago, at the urging of a then-friend (translation: a fellow I was very briefly dating.) I was an avid journal-writer, and felt that was enough for clearing the detritus-of-the-day from my mind.

But a couple weeks later, when someone came into my office and was handing out flyers for beginning meditation classes, I decided to take up the invitation. My work ‘situation’ was super-stressful, and I thought that meditation might help ameliorate the effects more than what I saw people around me using to cope — from Ambien to alcohol.

I also have an intuitive faith that if something is put in front of my face two or three times, it’s probably a Moby Dick of a message from something beyond my mind trying to jog the latter.

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What is the difference between sex and intimacy?

What is the difference between sex and intimacy?

“In relationships most people are so afraid that there actually is no relationship.”

BY TONY SAMARA — I have worked in spiritual camps by the beach where everyone is dressed up in lovely Indian flowing clothes — or lack of them — and this has very interesting reactions in the men and women that are there. The whole situation becomes one full of beautiful people walking around and the mind wanders off into imaginary scenarios that have nothing to do with union. It is all coming out of desire.

In our society, sexuality is based on desire. It is a desirable thing to be in a relationship. It is a desirable thing to be in connection with someone who is beautiful and who fulfils emotional parts that make you feel happy, joyful, ecstatic, infatuated or whatever the feeling is at that time.

Union is very different.

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Spiritual Surf: Lindsay + Linda Lovelace; Lady Gaga; Skinny men “in”

Spiritual Surf: Lindsay + Linda Lovelace; Lady Gaga; Skinny men “in”

Lindsay seeks a new Inferno; A year without sex?; Deepak mentors Gaga; Evangelicals and oil

Inferno: Lindsay Lohan set to star in porn-star-turned-feminist Linda Lovelace’s bio.  Lohan’s character (Linda Susan Boreman, aka, Linda Lovelace) descends into the fire pit of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Can delayed sexual gratification lead to greater intimacy? Hephzibah Anderson’s new book Chastened, recommends women slow down the freight-train of sex without intimacy.

Lady Gaga and her bizarre Illuminati dreams: Gaga confides in Deepak Chopra, Rolling Stone interview reveals. Lady Gaga’s performances are a dream come true in more ways than one: Gaga relates how her morbid dreams provide material for the stage.

French stripper’s “tribute” to aboriginal culture: Motives for topless dance on Ulura Rock questioned

The skinny man movement: More men dieting and seeking surgery to be thin

Evangelicals take on Gulf oil spill: Distance from Creation = distance from God

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Depression on its own doesn’t nuke relationships. It kills communication

Why do the depressed fail at relationships? Communication breakdown. A Stanford psychologist identifies 4 telltale signs

SOUL’S CODE —  A smattering of reports have linked suicides to people who are losing their homes, or reeling from steep losses in financial markets.

For most of us, depression won’t be a life-threatening issue — but it will threaten the fabric of our marriages and relationships.

The latest research shows that fully one-fifth of all of us in the U.S. will suffer clincial depression at some point in our lives. As the Great American Recession . . .

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Guilt, shame and the whole chakra thing

Guilt, shame and the whole chakra thing

We all know guilt. And some of us understand first chakras. Both are about our primal sense of safety: acceptance

BY DAVID RICKEY — All of us have experienced guilt, and some of us are plagued with feelings of shame. These are very primitive emotions tied to tribal issues embedded in the first chakra.

The need to belong and be accepted by the tribe/family provides the fundamental sense of safety and well-being.

The threat of being abandoned by the tribe is experienced as the threat of death.

When we live at the level of the first chakra — in the ancient Eastern tradition, the chakra hierarchy assigns this energy to your genital awareness, and the hegemony of survival and material needs over your psyche.

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Finding, and losing, love

Finding, and losing, love

I find my soulmate, but a cyber lover causes a rift in our bond

Read the Soul’s Code exclusive series, Sins of my Faith

In Marina’s last episode she begins therapy with a psychologist and realizes that she’s become estranged from both her creative, and feminine sides.

BY MARINA GIULLIANI — After years of hopping from bed to bed I’d finally found a place where I felt truly comfortable.  I sealed my promiscuous past in a vault at the back of my head and jumped at the chance for a normal relationship.

Chris was the love of my life, and we were involved in a full time relationship from first sight. The product of a nasty alcoholic father, and a mother who made up for all his father’s evil deeds, Chris had more goodness than any human being I’d ever met.

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Post Secret enjoys the trickle-down of fame-shame

From John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer to Tiger Woods (add: the Celebrity Apprentice biker guy who married Sandra Bullock), celebs set the pace for public confessions

BY SOULS CODE — Do you have something that you’d like to unload but you can’t quite face saying to the people right around you?

In the world of the web, this is instantly possible  — and unlike the political and entertainment industry scandals, available to you under the cloak of anonymity.  PostSecret is an online, bulletin-board for people all over the English-speaking world who post their denied-lives by mailing a postcard to the webmaster.

The site has won a ton of buzz and traffic and a quick look tells you why.

The confessions are slogans splayed across home-made postcards that the authors mail anonymously.

An example from this week’s harvest of postcards (new ones are posted each Sunday):

“I wished I fathered a child before I came out.”

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My Mother’s Day journey

How a shamanic teacher overcame her fears of having children

GUEST COLUMN: DAWN DANCING OTTER — Mother’s Day is such a celebration in my family. It brings me to tears every time. I get completely sentimental around the births of my sons because it highlights to me how very much I have been loved, helped, nurtured, and supported in my life.

As a mother, I have come to embrace my beginner’s mind. I gave birth to Gabriel in 1998 during a flurry of confusion, feeling disoriented, in pain, surrendering to others to help me through the process. Having children has helped me truly to understand nature. It is both perfect, and messy, with the opportunity to experience just about anything.

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Are you loving your “story” too much?

What is your “story”? It’s a self-image, and self-talk that we repeat to ourselves internally and to others in conversation

GUEST COLUMN: GINA LAKE — People don’t just have ideas and self-images about themselves; they have stories.

These stories come up repeatedly in internal self-talk or conversation with others. They are easy to identify: like any story, they have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and usually something tragic about them.

Most have a “poor-me” or “isn’t it awful” quality about them, but others serve to glorify the self. Some change or disappear over time, while others endure for a lifetime. The stories we are most identified with have strong feelings attached to them. They have an emotional charge that we and others feel when we tell them, and they tend to trigger emotionally charged stories in others.

This often becomes the basis for relating to others, the means of sharing.

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7 steps to heal your emotional wounds

All of our life experiences — even the “bad” ones — are equal in value. How to expand from “contractions” like loss, hurt and other wounds

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING We are always eager to get on with it to leave the past behind and to feel the “good” stuff. I understand this so well. I too have lived this pattern. This idea may be even more pronounced when we have had experiences that have drained our life-force energy.

We can’t imagine waiting even one more minute to feel better. We may say, “Haven’t I paid my dues yet?” and “Does this abundant thinking crap really work?”

I have witnessed, in my clients’ lives and my own life, how our dedication to higher consciousness can also be a mask for our pain. We believe we are living with right thinking and perspective when we are happy and when things are going well. We forget that the natural course of expansion includes contraction.

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