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Spiritual Surf: Episcopalians and Catholics on Twitter and Facebook, E-consciousness, Roger Ebert on reincarnation, Julia Roberts in India and Madonna in Poland

Controversial and visionary British bishop, Jonathan Blake (head of the Open Episcopal Church) has denounced the head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales for portraying Facebook as a suicide risk.

The object of his dissent: Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols believes that social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook increase the risk of teen suicide and un-fulfilling transient relationships.

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An incest survivor’s six steps to triumph over adversity

Phyllis King is no victim; she experienced abuse, yet found a way to re-frame negative experiences

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — As an incest survivor, I have learned a lot about control and abuse of power.

My life reads like a struggle for survival.  My challenges have included loneliness, betrayal, and rejection by many whom I held most dear.  As I journeyed through these events, I developed strength, courage and love.

With courage, I faced my fears, with strength I remained true to myself, and with love I experienced renewal.

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The Universe as a Mirror: How Are You Reflected?

A common struggle in all relationships is what psychologists call projection. Here’s how I use nature to identify my projections and heal myself.

BOOK EXCERPT FROM JOHN ENGLISH’S NEW RELEASE THE LITTLE BOOK ON RELATIONSHIP — The universal law of attraction says: Like frequencies attract one another. This law of attraction is always at work in every aspect of our lives. What we are aware of and what we focus on is no exception. The universe is a mirror. Our internal condition is always mirrored back to us by what we create in our lives. This is what comes to us from the universal mirror.

I’m going to give an example of contemplation and the universal mirror.

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Are you clinging to your mate out of financial fears? Here’s a clue

These aren’t “The Rules” that Oprah loves. DAVID RICHO’s arise out of Buddhism, a Catholic priesthood and depth psychology

SOUL’S CODE —  Shrunken stock portfolios, canceled checks, and an unemployment rate in the double-digits indicate that couples who are distressed in their relationships today will stick together tomorrow.

Stick it out, rather than walk out is a distinctly anti-Me Generation response to fear and unmet wants — the opposite of the Baby Boomer ethic of autonomy and desire-fulfillment.

The polar-opposite is our parents’ and grandparents’ code for survival — a Survivor-response to love and relationships forged in the scarcity of The Depression’s and WWII.

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Learning from lingering spirits with a psychic medium’s help

A real-life mentalist explains how staying connected to lost loved ones can help you deal with grief

GUEST COLUMN: MARK ANTHONY — No one is immune from losing a loved one, and the pain of death and loss comes to each one of us. Healing from the grief of loss is a road everyone is forced down at some point in life, and it is a path no one wants to take. Finding the right path through grief is basic to human survival.

As a medium, I help people connect with their loved ones in Heaven, which many also be referred to as “The Other Side.”

One of the benefits of mediumistic contact with spirits is that it validates a belief in God, Heaven, an Afterlife, and the immortality of our soul. I also know it is possible to contact those who have crossed over to The Other Side. I communicate with spirits on a daily basis and have conducted hundreds of discernments (also known as “readings”).

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Spiritual Surf: Astronaut’s “X-Files,” sex and the single girl, priestly scandals, and Oprah tweets

It’s tough being one of the forgotten astronauts. You know the guys who went to the moon who aren’t either — Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin. (Quick: What was the name of Armstrong and Aldrin’s companion astronaut? For the answer see the end of the article.)

Well, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who flew to the moon in February of 1971, has been getting some controversial ink recently.  Addressing a crowd of UFO-ologists at the National Press Club, Mitchell said, “We are being visited” by aliens from outer space. “It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence.” Soul’s Code enthusiasts tend to think the truth is in here. But what if it’s out there*way* out there?

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How I used intention to find my ‘ideal’ man

A 20-something seeker from South Carolina shares her secrets for finding, and realizing, love in the 21st century

GUEST COLUMN: CHELSEA LANGAN — Imagine remembering only the very best memories, and making only the finest plans for the future. This is all that should be going on when you are fully immersed in the present moment (a theme explored brilliantly in the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

My mantra to myself: ‘Negative thoughts that come across your mind are strictly off limits.’ Acknowledging this is really all it takes to eliminate the flotsam that weighs us down.  It is possible to let your inner light of love and life literally take over every process and aspect of your life.

What works for me: letting go and surrendering.  We are called to abandon worry and create moments of stillness in our minds to think precisely of NOTHING.  Hard to do, right?   Try these tricks throughout the day.

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Yin, Yang and “regenerative” sexuality

An excerpt from the newly-released book, The Tao of Rejuvenation, by ANGELO DRUDA

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism, the male is understood to be the embodiment of the “yang” fire force to the female’s watery “yin”.  In the Tantric teachings of India, the male force is Shiva to the female’s Shakti.

In both systems and there are many others that use a similar framework conditional existence is seen as a great play of opposing forces: light and dark, hot and cold, pain and pleasure, birth and death.

It is a play of endless modifications.  Opposites attract each other, looking to find equanimity and resolution in each other.

The hot yang of the man seeks balance in the cool yin of the woman.

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How I silence my mind in a hectic world

“Every emotion you go through in this rat-race life, I am going through, too”

GUEST COLUMN: NICK RALLS — I try to find love and peace in the everyday world while in the midst of the rat race.  I often reflect on how it might be easier to cut the world off but I know that love is in my heart and that I can find what I am looking for.

Today, I reflected on how easy it is to be peaceful, loving and harmoniousin short, divine when living in a cocoon, in a monastic or spiritual retreat, away from the strains and stresses of reality.

But it can be a hard job when you are in the throes of modern life, with people coming at you . . . demands, money problems, communication challenges and not always being the person you imagine yourself to be.

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Gross! The great unifier of the human collective

We may be one consciousness but Mary Roach’s Bonk details in naturalistic glory how we are also 6 billion runny noses and rumbling stomachs

GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — I’m on my third book by Mary Roach and I’m riveted. It’s called Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, and it’s a very graphic account of the anatomy of sex.

Having taught gender studies, I’m not easily rattled, but I have to admit this makes me slightly queasy.

I keep looking over at my dearest love, imagining his reaction to such medical monstrosities (in one section, Roach apologizes to her male readers for the shock and revulsion they’ll likely feel).

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