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Serenity in a cup of tea

Life-coach Jemitra Hairston ushers the ancient sacred ritual of sharing tea into the 21st century.

GUEST COLUMN: JEMITRA HAIRSTON — This is not an easy subject for me because I grew up in the South, home of Lipton “sun tea.” On Sundays, my mama would place a big container full of water on the well next to the clothes line in the back yard.

Dangling from tabs captured between the lid and lip of the jar were several bags of Lipton’s tea. After several hours of sitting in the North Carolina sun, the tea would be brewed to “perfection.”

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A 2010 detox for your psyche

Our recent passage through fear and anxiety was a repercussion of spiritual bankruptcy. A psychic’s recipe for cleansing your mind

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — January 2010 has never been a better time to say yes to our true essence. The roto rooter shock waves that careened through our lives in 2009 is coming to an end.

The fear and anxiety that crippled so many people’s lives has seen its pinnacle.

For those who have been paying attention, we know that this has been the repercussion of a spiritual bankruptcy.

Let us now get our houses in order by saying yes to the healthiest, most creative and loving parts of ourselves.

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A spiritual author’s personal journey to awakening

A near death experience gives Cari La Grange Murphy her life’s purpose and opens up a portal to creativity

GUEST COLUMN: CARI LA GRANGE MURPHY —  As a spiritual and inspirational author, I’m often asked when, where, and how my spiritual journey began. As a child I grew up on ten acres of land in south Texas surrounded by loving parents, siblings, and a large extended family. We were devoted Methodists, who attended church every Sunday, while I simultaneously attended Catholic school during the week. It’s fair to say that I was fully ingrained in organized religion.

Although much of it was a beautiful experience, I still sought something “more” in life. My elders’ and teachers’ answers did not quench my thirst for deeper spiritual knowledge, understanding and connection. In fact, they seemed to steer me away from questions that went beyond the traditional teachings. Their responses confused me but aroused in me a greater interest in seeking the answers.

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Three times, Charmed

Do you believe in material magic? A self-styled “financial alchemist” shares her 3-step formula for translating vision into action and goals

GUEST COLUMN: MORGANA RAE — You don’t have to call yourself a magician, mystic, psychic, priestess or Wiccan to be magical. Every wish, prayer, business plan, and affirmation carries magic.

The question is, how do you get better at making things happen?

How do you increase your experience of ease, flow, and synchronicity?

My mother introduced me to my awareness of magic. No one casts a circle or leads a ritual like she can! Maybe it’s because she’s my mother, or because she’s a triple Leo, or because she has a special talent for it, but there always seems to be stronger magic when she plays High Priestess.

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A lawyer’s spiritual defence

Sometimes the best resistance to a sense of “raging chaos” is non-resistance

GUEST COLUMN: JANET SMITH WARFIELD — A good and spiritual friend of mine once posed the question: “How do you resist insanity?”

Then she answered her own question.

“The only way for me, as an individual, to resist is to hold on to who I am amidst all of the forces that want to turn me into something else.”

At first, I thought: “What a wonderful answer! It truly is all about staying centered when external chaos swirls around us. Each of us must stand tall when insanity claws at our clothes.”

But then I thought about all the physical forces in my life that have swept me away from what I thought was solid ground, and into the raging current.

What was the purpose of those experiences?

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Vanity hair

A Soul’s Code reader’s meditation on pain management begins with her own “Good Hair” journey, and a childhood brush with suffering

GUEST COLUMN: ELLEN FENNER— When I was a young girl I had long, thick hair. A few years ago, an old schoolmate told me that when she first saw me in the classroom, she stared with fascination at the sheer size of my braid, but when I turned and swung another one around, she nearly fell out of her chair, amazed that anyone could have that much hair!

My mother’s hair was thin and fine by comparison, so she was similarly awed by my coarse mane. But, like me, she dreaded having to deal with it when the braids had to be unraveled, especially when they’d been in for a while.

She would sit me down, and, with a brush and comb, we’d begin the process of returning my hair to “normal”. The mere anticipation of the pain for both of us was almost as bad as the reality.

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Killing me with kindness

How I learned to forgive my parents for their easy-going, Dr. Spock style of parenting — and grow up

GUEST COLUMN: ELLA GRANT — Okay, what’s the most unpleasant parent-related memory that you have from your childhood? And what would be the best? If the nastiest episode comes to mind quickly, and the best experience not so quickly — maybe like me — you need to open up a little box of forgiveness and see what comes out.

When I was a young child my parents were very good to me — no physical beatings, no harsh words.   But as I came to realize later, perhaps their fatal flaw was that they were too good. Child psychology tells me that I was raised in a permissive manner: loving and child-centered, but totally non-demanding.

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In defense of the much-maligned, New Age

In defense of the much-maligned, New Age

A spiritual author argues that the movement that drew its name from the Age of Aquarius is simply about connecting to the God within


New Age Spirituality is all about getting back your power. Not that you ever lost it . . . sometimes you gave it away, misplaced it — or forgot you had power in the first place.

And why does the term New Age Spirituality seem to bother some religious leaders — especially leaders of the Christian faith? After all, we are in a new age: The Age of Aquarius.

The concept of an Age exists within ancient spiritual traditions, and lasts 2,000 years.

(Above: Catherine Keener and Steve Carell in the final scene of The 40 Year Old Virgin).

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My “dream” career

An Irish immigrant and psychologist with a love of sleep, dreams up a new reality from a mystical past

GUEST COLUMN: HELENA DALY — I am as Irish as Irish can be . . . a nomad, a bit of a gypsy from the West of Ireland’s wild rugged beauty. On a visit home a few years ago, I sat in the kitchen one morning having a cup of infamous Irish tea, and watched with amusement out of the corner of my eye, my dad (who is now 82). Seemingly lost in his own world, he would shake his head every few minutes.

So I said, “Dad, did you sleep okay?”

“No,” came the energetic response.

“Why not?” I asked, to which he responded: “They came again.”

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garden of eden

Meet the next Carlos Castaneda

Tony Samara’s code for a daily spiritual dose: selfless service and treating your body as a temple

Tony Samara, founder of the eponymous, non-profit organization, The Samara Foundation for the Evolution of Human Consciousness, lived for several years in a Zen Buddhist monastery.

After leaving the monastery, Tony traveled to the jungles of the Amazon and the Andes, where he lived and studied among a community of shamans.

Soul’s Code: What secrets did you learn from the healers and holy men?

Tony: I worked with many shamans in the jungles and mountains of South America. It is difficult to put into words all the learnings, but one could summarize the essence as being a profound respect for nature and its inherent cycles that help sustain life. That humans can utilize nature to enhance their joy, gives this realm meaning.

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