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When anger is all the rage

The toll of road rage is harmful to yourself and other living things. One spiritual driver steers his emotions with a lesson from A Course in Miracles, Guy Finley and Leo Tolstoy

GUEST COLUMN: BRYAN WALTON — The dense traffic was inching along the highway and once again I was resigned to being home late that night. In the rear view mirror I caught a glimpse of a vehicle, about six cars back, sneak out onto the shoulder and accelerate past the slowly moving convoy. As the SUV drove by, I felt a wave of anger and resentment towards the inconsiderate driver.

But, almost immediately, I had a twinge of guilt for having such intense negative feelings; I consider myself a nice guy, laid-back, and tolerant. The guilt must have had an effect on me: within a couple of minutes, the feelings dissipated and I was back to my normal self.

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The art of being

Claire Elek’s paintings have names like, “The Hero’s Journey into the Bone Forest.” In a Soul’s Code exclusive, Elek reveals her own heroine’s path of self-discovery

The color-infused canvases of Toronto-based artist, Claire Elek, will float you into a world resplendent with dreamy, mythical images.

She has the depth of a spiritual teacher when talking about shamanism, Jungian theology and female archetypes — and not surprisingly, they are powerful influences in her paintings.

A catalyst for Elek’s highly-collectible art (one of her drawings is owned by Canadian author Margaret Atwood) were her Gauguin-like travels through South America and Southeast Asia.

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Animal love

With meditation and practice you can learn to commune with pets and all of God’s creatures

GUEST COLUMN: KAREN ANDERSON — For as long as I can remember I have always loved animals. When I was young I remember spending the day with my animal friends, sharing all of my hopes and dreams with them.

At that age, I had the ability to understand what the animals were experiencing and feeling, and thought everyone could do so. I was able to sense their happiness, sadness and sometimes even their pain.

Many years later, after my communicating abilities had long-since faded, I was deep in meditation when spirit guides came to me and unveiled the path I would soon take.

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Living Life with Intensity

Call it a peak experience, meditation or tuning in. To one Aussie teacher, “it” felt like a bliss called love

GUEST COLUMN: NHYS GLOVER — Once while teaching a personal development class  in Australia, I asked my students to relate the feeling of one of those moments in their lives when their cup was running over with joy.

They stared blankly at me.

“You don’t know this feeling? Not even when something really good happened in your life?” I asked incredulously.

They all shook their heads. I was gob-smacked. To live life without having those moments of intense joy or happiness seemed like no life at all.

I wondered how people could survive without those moments. I wondered what life would be like without them. I can’t even imagine.

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May the Source be with you

Our thoughts can create a personal heaven or hell. A psychic guide offers four ways to tune your inner voice to a higher frequency.     

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — When people ask me about their love life, money, or career, often the answer is not about whom they are going to meet, if they’ll make money, or whether they should change careers.

More often, the answer lies somewhere between one’s self-perception and how he or she relates to the human experience.

I am constantly reminding people about the truth of life we too often forget: remembering begets the empowerment to allow good to happen in life.

What we give our attention to is what we bring into our lives.

Look at your life: your circumstances as well as your feelings every moment of every day, and this will tell you exactly the quality and content of your thoughts and beliefs.

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“Gut feelings” guide us to our Soul’s Code

Sandy Andrew learned three steps for trusting his intuition, and it changed his life.  Here’s how trusting your “gut” can change yours.

GUEST COLUMN: SANDY ANDREW — Have you ever had those moments when gentle thoughts or ideas enter your mind in a peaceful way that ultimately helps you find solutions to difficult problems at work or home?

You may not be able to explain these moments of “gut feelings” or “intuition” that lead to solutions to tasks and goals in your life … but you know these thoughts happen.

Do you inwardly know when something is right and when it is wrong, without consulting another person, nor even researching the subject from memory or another source?

This is intuition at work.

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Do you judge yourself for “wimping out”?

A seer’s advice on how to move through gagged emotions

PHYLLIS KING — Success is driven by making choices. The most important aspect, however, are not the choices themselves, but how we feel about those choices: how we feel about what we are doing and why.

Our love, thoughts, and intentions are created by how we feel, our creative soup, if you will. And Source responds to these feelings.

We must train ourselves to be present with our feelings, have the courage to own what they are, know where they came from, and understand why we are having them.

And we say “thank you” for the opportunity to expand.

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I believe

Creating the ultimate reality show

Perception — the fine line between the real and the actual. Lawrence Doochin learns to see past his illusions, and strives to help others do the same.

BOOK EXCERPT FROM LAWRENCE DOOCHIN’S NEW RELEASE I AM THEREFORE I AM: FINDING GOD IN OUR HEART — What is the difference between the following statements?  The world is as I see it.  I see the world as it is.

Perception is a fine line, a line that is walked in each moment as we are constantly bombarded with stimuli from the world. Are we seeing what is true and real, or are we simply perceiving through our senses what we think is going on? If you assume that the world is as you see it, then your filters — your experiences, your beliefs, your perceptions, your senses that are unique to your body — are distorting what you see. It is as if you are looking at the world with rose colored glasses.

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An incest survivor’s six steps to triumph over adversity

Phyllis King is no victim; she experienced abuse, yet found a way to re-frame negative experiences

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — As an incest survivor, I have learned a lot about control and abuse of power.

My life reads like a struggle for survival.  My challenges have included loneliness, betrayal, and rejection by many whom I held most dear.  As I journeyed through these events, I developed strength, courage and love.

With courage, I faced my fears, with strength I remained true to myself, and with love I experienced renewal.

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By popular demand! You now have to Aug. 31 to enter the “Enlightenment Contest”

We’ve extended the best, brightest and biggest Soul’s Code photo, video and art contest: Get featured on our homepage, in our next postcard . . . “Take” a shot at snagging a spiritual basket of prizes worth $250!

The idea: Show us a person, place or practice that inspires, or enlightens you. Email us an image or video clip. Finalists will have their work featured on our homepage, and the winner will receive a

Grand prize:

* A $50 lululemon gift card 
* A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
* The companion audio CD, Meditations for a New Earth, by Tolle’s companion, Kim Eng
* An energy reading with psychologist and healer, Smadar de Lange
* And for when you have Zinned too much, Vaishali’s Gemstone Alcohol Detoxifier

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