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The best vaccine for Swine Flu

“The next time you pick up a newspaper forecasting the end of the world, remember to laugh.”

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI — The only thing more highly contagious than a virus, bacteria, mold spore or free radicals is fear. The panic that arises from imagining oneself succumbing to the dreaded swine flu is a far greater health-threatening condition. It travels much faster and with more drastic consequences than the actual illness itself, leaving its own trail of destruction in its perceptual wake.

Maybe they should change the name of the swine flu from the H1N1 virus to the “CNN#1 Ratings virus panic-demic.” You know, we can’t just sit around waiting for Homeland Security to kill all the free radicals so we can feel safe once again. And now, I heard the pigs are worried about contracting the swine flu from humans!

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Spiritual Surf: Tiller assassination and the Pain Body Index, yoga for meditation, curing migraines, and graffiti for peace

Thou shalt not kill?

Anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder allegedly took the ultimate step in his cause when he shot and killed an abortion doctor, George Tiller, while Tiller was attending church. When Roeder was formally charged with first degree murder, reaction from the religious right’s anti-abortion community was swift and predictably ugly. Twitter posts from the fringe said things like: “Oh, happy, day. Tiller the baby killer is dead” and, “God bless the gunman.”  This tragedy is another exhibit for the Soul’s Code Pain Body Index (PBI), and we pray that all beings may be free of suffering.

Yoga for meditation

Our confreres over at Shambala Sun have posted an excerpt from their July issue on the best yoga poses in advance of meditation. Relax and breathe.

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5 Mind-Body workouts that are about to Break out

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A mind-body portrait of depression

This is the first in a series, Finding happiness in all the right places, by a young female seeker

BY EMMA — I didn’t understand the numbness, the lack of desire to eat, my entire body feeling warm, almost feverish and noticeably weak, unexplainable/explainable bruises on my body . . . the void where motivation used to be, the constant tears at any phone calls, feeling as if I was in a dull dream. I told my friends I was confused, I didn’t understand what was going on with me. Maybe I was sick, this didn’t make sense to me. My thoughts were healthy, my emotions disastrous: What was I not facing?

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