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May the Source be with you

Our thoughts can create a personal heaven or hell. A psychic guide offers four ways to tune your inner voice to a higher frequency.     

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — When people ask me about their love life, money, or career, often the answer is not about whom they are going to meet, if they’ll make money, or whether they should change careers.

More often, the answer lies somewhere between one’s self-perception and how he or she relates to the human experience.

I am constantly reminding people about the truth of life we too often forget: remembering begets the empowerment to allow good to happen in life.

What we give our attention to is what we bring into our lives.

Look at your life: your circumstances as well as your feelings every moment of every day, and this will tell you exactly the quality and content of your thoughts and beliefs.

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“Gut feelings” guide us to our Soul’s Code

Sandy Andrew learned three steps for trusting his intuition, and it changed his life.  Here’s how trusting your “gut” can change yours.

GUEST COLUMN: SANDY ANDREW — Have you ever had those moments when gentle thoughts or ideas enter your mind in a peaceful way that ultimately helps you find solutions to difficult problems at work or home?

You may not be able to explain these moments of “gut feelings” or “intuition” that lead to solutions to tasks and goals in your life … but you know these thoughts happen.

Do you inwardly know when something is right and when it is wrong, without consulting another person, nor even researching the subject from memory or another source?

This is intuition at work.

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Five spiritual steps for living through recession and job loss

Does the continuing recession feed your anxiety? Is your grasp on hope loosening? A former business executive-turned-mystic, speaks

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: RONDA LARUE What does one dedicated to a soulful life do in the days following a layoff or the termination of a job?

What does one do with the shock, the feelings of betrayal, and the confusion and the paralyzing waves of fear?

How does one survive, find hope, stand strong, and create new opportunity? How can one dare to meet life in a new way to stay open and not cave in?

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Six to-do’s when you feel the economy’s pain

Stock market forces might be causing a “correction,” but a larger “force” is at work. It seeks more than a correction. It seeks an evolution

BY DAVID RICKEY — The media is full of polls that reflect what everyone already knows: Americans are clinically depressed by the depressed state of the economy, and their own investments.

People are losing their jobs across the board, as layoffs seep beyond the real estate and financial sectors and into the upper echelons of the high-tech workforce. Try borrowing money for a house, or even a car. Actually, don’t bother.

Fear, we all know, begets fear. So much of this economic “crisis” is based on perceptions, even illusions. And yet there are very real effects stemming from these illusions.

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7 spiritual recession lessons

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5 spiritual ways to $urvive job loss

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Depression in Abundance

Depression in Abundance

It’s easy to feel bad when everyone around you seems to be feeling good. When we observe happiness or success, the subconscious asks: “Why don’t I have that?” It’s the catalyst for a waterfall of self-doubt that can easily drag down your mood if you let it.

Consider this post by blogger/pundit Michael Arrington. Arrington has made a new career of chronicling the development of Internet startups in Silicon Valley. “Times are good, money is flowing, and Silicon Valley sucks,” he writes. His beef?

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