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A female mystic’s way to pull yourself out of money-worry

The current economic crisis is a collective ‘dark night of the soul’  — and a creative destruction of the ego’s fear and trembling

GUEST COLUMN: SMADAR DE LANGE — In 1843, the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard published a book called Fear and Trembling, a title borrowed from a line in Philippians 2:12, “. . . continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

J. Krishnamurti, the great Indian mystic of the following century, argued that the main motivation of the ego is fear-based. Working with fear is at the essence of a spiritual practice, because only when we face our existential fear, can we be set free.

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Six to-do’s when you feel the economy’s pain

Stock market forces might be causing a “correction,” but a larger “force” is at work. It seeks more than a correction. It seeks an evolution

BY DAVID RICKEY — The media is full of polls that reflect what everyone already knows: Americans are clinically depressed by the depressed state of the economy, and their own investments.

People are losing their jobs across the board, as layoffs seep beyond the real estate and financial sectors and into the upper echelons of the high-tech workforce. Try borrowing money for a house, or even a car. Actually, don’t bother.

Fear, we all know, begets fear. So much of this economic “crisis” is based on perceptions, even illusions. And yet there are very real effects stemming from these illusions.

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Learning from lingering spirits with a psychic medium’s help

A real-life mentalist explains how staying connected to lost loved ones can help you deal with grief

GUEST COLUMN: MARK ANTHONY — No one is immune from losing a loved one, and the pain of death and loss comes to each one of us. Healing from the grief of loss is a road everyone is forced down at some point in life, and it is a path no one wants to take. Finding the right path through grief is basic to human survival.

As a medium, I help people connect with their loved ones in Heaven, which many also be referred to as “The Other Side.”

One of the benefits of mediumistic contact with spirits is that it validates a belief in God, Heaven, an Afterlife, and the immortality of our soul. I also know it is possible to contact those who have crossed over to The Other Side. I communicate with spirits on a daily basis and have conducted hundreds of discernments (also known as “readings”).

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Memorial Day: A spiritual way to honor makers of peace

Watching our thoughts from a place of awareness, before they become action, is the path to peace — and highest way to honor fallen service men and women

DATELINE: Memorial Day service at the Presidio Interfaith Chapel, San Francisco. A sermon by Fr. DAVID RICKEY — On this Memorial Day 2009, we gather again to honor and remember those who have served and sacrificed for freedom in this country and around the world. Here and at national cemeteries throughout this land, row upon row of white markers pay silent but eloquent testimony to the thousands upon thousands of women and men who have lost their lives so that others may live in peace.

But they have not lost their lives so much as they have spent their lives, spent for a cause that was much deeper than themselves. It is not because they were killed or served in battle that we honor them, but because they lived in distinction. Not only did these heroic individuals fight for freedom and justice. So many of them lived in witness to the values they held with such deep respect.

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A first-person prescription for job-loss

As a producer in the revolving-door of media, Heli knows job loss. Here’s how she accepts the day she gets the news

GUEST COLUMN: HELI TUOMI CARLILE— I have a positive approach to job losses. I always try to welcome them as signs from the universe, signs that it’s time to move on to a new adventure, painful as it may be at the time.

Clichéd as it may sound, in these moments I visualize “one door closing, but others opening,” even though I can’t quite see what lies behind those new doors.

This technique hasn’t failed me yet, and I have come through some tough emotional times with that reassurance, finding fabulous new adventures and opportunities that have gotten better and better.

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March 25 – 31, 2009: The Great Peace Bed-In

On the 40th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 bed-in, thousands will lie down to give peace a chance

GUEST COLUMN: PIPPA BARTOLOTTI — Have you ever really thought about what you can do for peace?

Many thousands of people are prepared to click an icon and join a peace group.

For instance, on Facebook I am inundated with prayers, mantras, and with blessings, words of love and incantations, but that is not enough for me. I believe that peace has to be worked for.

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sue and acette

How to forgive the past, and learn to love again

“Young widow” was a label that I found repulsive. Beyond the label a new love happened

GUEST COLUMN: SUE FREEMAN — When I lost my first husband in 2006, I wondered what changes would come next. Instantly, I was a single parent raising a three-year-old girl. I had mountains of my husband’s paperwork to contend with, which took me upwards of six months to complete.

Most days I didn’t know if I was coming or going, especially during those first few months. Between answering questions as to the “why” of his death, and my attendance at two rounds of very helpful grief support groups, I started to feel a little more like my feet were on the ground again.

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Alain Resnais production still

Forgiving the Unforgivable

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sex and the city

My golden rule for a post-Bush, post-Ike, post-Wall St. life…

Guidance from a homeless man on a beach and Thoreau: disasters, money meltdowns and loss are blessings in disguise

BY VAISHALI — I was talking with a loved one who rode out Hurricane Ike on Galveston Island on the gulf coast of Texas. The Island took a big hit with a 14-foot storm surge, 120 mph winds and torrential rain. As will happen in the aftermath of a storm of this magnitude, a significant amount of the residents’ possessions were destroyed.

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

I was filled with pain and hate over a brutal crime. My path to freedom began with meditation, and ended at a Texas prison

BY TOM HUDGENS, episode 1 (of 5) — Thirty years ago a man named John Black* raped and murdered my sister. In May, I visited him in prison and told him that I forgave him.

The realization that I could actually do such a thing came unbidden. It wasn’t something I struggled to attain. I just looked one day and there it was: my own voice saying, “You can forgive him.” That voice spoke to me often. Eventually, I acted upon it.

Three years ago, after a miserable year in a career that I loved in theory but not in practice, I was struck with the idea of attending a meditation retreat. I typed “silent meditation retreat” into a search engine, and discovered Spirit Rock Meditation Center, located on 400 acres in Marin County, California.

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