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Spiritual Surf: Sex, abnormal sex, the science of sex, teasing andvirginity and teasing

Spiritual Surf: Sex, abnormal sex, the science of sex, teasing andvirginity and teasing

A Hindu guru’s genital oiling scandal; Seduction Labs; Lauren Taylor is the daughter Sarah Palin wishes she had; What is ‘acousticophilia’?

Do Hindu religious leaders approve of genital oiling? I never thought to ask, but it’s on the mind of the folks at BarryPittard. The author is calling for an investigation into Sathya Sai Baba, a guru who has faced alligations of sexual impropriety.

Another question that I’ve at least considered before is “why do women tease?” The writers at Seduction Labs have this answer:

“Women don’t actually set out to tease men. It just happens that attracting many men without mating with them is a sexual strategy that women have evolved to help them make the best of their biology. This behaviour evolved because it is successful. The fact that it makes the unsuccessful suitors uncomfortable is biologically irrelevant.

That’s Seduction Lab’s picture to the left. What makes sense: A fair amount of a man’s perception of teasing has to do with projections.

Lauren Taylor has a different perspective. She’s decided to remain a virgin until she’s married. She writes: “Therefor, until I say I do, my sexual satisfaction comes from little flirtations without words: The up and down glances from men. I only occasionally play the part.

Flirtation is an important part of her burgeoning sex life. She describes it as a way for her to enjoy the mental aspects of physical attraction.

The Candles outlines a list of abnormal sexual practices including Sadism, Zoophilia, Acoustophilia and Frottage. Sex, the author says, is a sacred gift from God to be shared between a married man and woman.

The author writes: “This is very natural and normal when the married couples use this gift. But when it is used outside a marriage and in a strange manner it becomes unnatural and abnormal.

He helpfully adds that Acousticophilia is a language fetish. Think of Jamie Lee Curtis’ love of Russian in the movie, A Fish Called Wanda.

Figleaf writes that sex is nothing more than a “…friction-induced nervous discharge can easily be self-administered.

Everything else, he argues, is the product of “culture driven perceptions.” That piles a lot into the bucket-list.

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Gary Wills and David Frum on prayer in the Bush-house

Gary Wills and David Frum on prayer in the Bush-house

WDAD? (What Did AMERICA Do?) | Originally uploaded by silki.

In a piece in this week’s New York Times Magazine headed, “With God On Our Side,” the fearless historian Gary Wills illustrates just how deeply religion has permeated the White House, for better of for worse.

Founding father James Madison and Enlightenment-devotee would be taken aback by the degree to which religion gets ”cognized” and empiricized in, say, Karl Rove’s Rolodex.

The nation’s executive mansion is currently honeycombed with prayer groups and Bible study cells, like a whited monastery. A sly dig there goes, ”Missed you at Bible study,” as David Frum, a Jewish Canadian who worked for Bush as speechwriter, reported in ”The Right Man.” A line from the book: “Bible study was, if not compulsory, not quite uncompulsory, either.”

White House etiquette tip: Friends going to intimate dinners with the Bushes should be prepared to lead grace before dining.

The question, then, is that if our government truly is filled with Christians, why, then, does it so often act with so little mercy and compassion? The White House may be religious. But is it genuinely spiritual?

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Fidel Castro: Spiritual but not religious?

Fidel Castro: Spiritual but not religious?

Fidel Castro | Originally uploaded by Melissa in TN.

BY BRIAN CAULFIELD — Yo, ho-ho. Any dude who bans Christmas for 29 years straight is probably just stone-cold crazy. But Cuba’s dictator’s early letters, now published in English, provide a few surprises, including a spiritual side and what appears to be a concern for human rights.

Taking Castro’s early words at face value provides few clues about his authoritarian streak, or the degree to which he’s become a caricature of the Latin strongman. Check out the outdated military uniform, long-winded speeches that would make Clinton wilt with shame, the jailing of dissidents, Castro’s refusal to let anyone run against him in an election, his self-righteousness —  and to boot, a persecution complex (well, okay, that one may have some foundation in reality). But in sum, he displays more telltale signs of clinical narcissism than an L.A. celebutante.

The telltale clue:

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Moscow mayor: gay pride parade ‘Satanic’

Moscow mayor: gay pride parade ‘Satanic’

Yuri Luzhkov is not gay. He’s, like, Russian. Now *that’s* a spiritual credential!

Here’s our stance: we like a parade, any parade. Not so Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, a religious conservative who says he will never sanction a gay pride parade in Moscow.

“Last year, Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as Satanic,” Luzhkov said at the 15th Christmas educational readings in the Kremlin Palace.

Well, that was quick, comrade: from atheist collectivism to, well, theological fundamentalism in the space of a decade and change. Sometimes, The Times They Aren’t a Changin’.

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Andrew Cohen and WIE: a tire fire (the New Age edition)

Andrew Cohen and WIE: a tire fire (the New Age edition)

We’re not in the business of using other people’s pain as a source of entertainment. So let’s reel this out and look at it as a mirror for what happens when any one of us falls into a rabbit hole of unconsciousness.

Here is a gallery of intelligent people who took the road less traveled, so to speak. Now they’re in a conflict that first went public with the publication of the book, Enlightenment Blues, a critique of Andrew Cohen, editor of a magazine that covers mysticism and transpersonal psychology. Then came the launch of a companion blog to the book. Here’s an entry from one of the contributors:

Legacy of Scorched Earth

Reflections from a former student

By Susan Bridle

I was a student of Andrew Cohen for ten years, and worked very intimately with him for many years in my work as a writer and editor for What Is Enlightenment? Magazine and other Moksha Press publications… I left Andrew’s community a little over three years ago, and while I am busy with new academic, career, and spiritual goals, I am still “digesting” my experience of my relationship with Andrew and my time in his community. Bottom line, I experienced so much that was truly profound and transformative – and that I will forever be grateful for – and also so much that was really abusive and twisted – and that still deeply saddens me. The lightest light and the darkest dark. Both. All tangled together like miles of black and white yarn entwined in a big ball at the pit of my stomach. I guess for me, I feel my work is to digest the whole thing, tease it apart… One thing that continues to strike me with painful irony is the fact that Andrew would, almost tearfully, lament about other teachers who had shown such great promise, whose passion for the spiritual life and searing dharma inspired so many spiritual seekers to abandon “the world” and give their entire lives to a spiritual revolution – but whose abuses of sex, money, power, and other addictions in the end disillusioned thousands of seekers and instead promoted cynicism about the whole endeavor. This is, in fact, the reality of the situation now with Andrew.

Last week, Cohen launched a counter-blog featuring a five-page inaugural post. Excerpts:

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Atheism: now fortified with fanaticism

You didn’t think the techno-hipsters at Wired were above resorting to religion to sell magazines, did you? Kudos to writer Gary Wolf for digging up a first class group of crankypants: militant atheists! These guys combine the flexibility of Soviet bureaucrats with the fun factor of a bowl of bran flakes.

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