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Haiti, consciousness and charity

Haiti, consciousness and charity

A psychotherapist and Episcopal priest makes healing in Haiti a life – and spiritual mission

BY DAVID RICKEY – Haiti is a fascinating place in its own right, but for me it serves as a kind of microcosm of issues that are evolving around the planet. I just returned from my fourth visit to Port au Prince. Each time I go, I accomplish a little but learn a lot.

I can report that there is progress there. The streets, although still terrible and crowded with the chaotic traffic of trucks, SUVs and motorcycles weaving around each other, are cleaner and brighter. There is an renewed energy and purposefulness.

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Spiritual Surf: Dr. Drew in half-a-dozen steps (guest-starring Charlie Sheen)

Psychoanalysis of Charlie Sheen’s media-bender: Dr. Drew Pinsky does one-hour VH1 special, Winning . . . Or Losing It?

Sheen challenges Dr. Drew to a boxing match on L.A. radio station: “Me and Pinsky should jump in the ring — Bring it, little man!” (minute-9 of audio)

Dr. Drew fires White House gate-crasher from season 4 of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab: Michaele Salahi’s only addiction is to fame says VH1 should fire Dr. Drew: “Why it’s time to shut down Celebrity Rehab

Former patient of Dr. Drew dies after relapse: Ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr pleaded for drugs on the day of his death

FLASHBACK! Stanton Peele takes a shot at Dr. Drew in Psychology Today: “. . . a media vulture circling the latest carrion.”

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