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Spiritual Surf: Dr. Drew in half-a-dozen steps (guest-starring Charlie Sheen)

Psychoanalysis of Charlie Sheen’s media-bender: Dr. Drew Pinsky does one-hour VH1 special, Winning . . . Or Losing It?

Sheen challenges Dr. Drew to a boxing match on L.A. radio station: “Me and Pinsky should jump in the ring — Bring it, little man!” (minute-9 of audio)

Dr. Drew fires White House gate-crasher from season 4 of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab: Michaele Salahi’s only addiction is to fame says VH1 should fire Dr. Drew: “Why it’s time to shut down Celebrity Rehab

Former patient of Dr. Drew dies after relapse: Ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr pleaded for drugs on the day of his death

FLASHBACK! Stanton Peele takes a shot at Dr. Drew in Psychology Today: “. . . a media vulture circling the latest carrion.”

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Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: How Pagan is Easter?

Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, the resurrection of Christ: How much do you know about the sacred origins of Easter?

Easter is the very centerpiece of the entire Christian enterprise, and the crucifixion of Christ is the distinctive fork we too in the road away from its parent faith, Judaism. Each spring, Easter climaxes during Holy Week with hundreds of thousands of church-goers coalescing in solemn operatic ceremonies to hold the Three Great Days: Good Friday (the crucifixion), The Great Vigil of Easter (Saturday night), and on the 3rd day, Easter Sunday celebrates the miraculous ressurection of our savior, christ the redeemer.

But most Americans take in Easter not as a solemn pilgrimmage but as a chance to bust out with vacations to Vegas, Florida Spring Break and Girls Gone Wild t-shirt contests.

But we have a secret: Easter, in fact arose from pagan spring celebrations.

We’ll test you on the ancient origins of why pagans created colored easter eggs, the easter bunny and chocolate rabbits.

Test your knowledge of the spiritual side of Easter here in our Soul’s Code Quizz by clicking on the radio buttons below in the multiple choice questions:

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Finding hope and direction in chaos

Finding hope and direction in chaos

Once we spot divine presence it might look something like a sheepdog, bumping, guiding and protecting us as we stumble through life.

BY DAVID RICKEY — Back in 1963, Bob Dylan wrote “The Times They Are A Changin’,” and they were. The 60s were a time of chaos for those holding onto the old ways, and a time of hope for those seeking the new. Buddhists say that change is the nature of things, but change as we now see it (much like in the 60s) can be pretty disquieting.

As I write this, the so-called Middle East is in unprecedented turmoil with rebellion spreading like a contagion with no clear sense of where it will take us. Beyond that, the world’s economic structure is precarious at best. Every clarion of hope is countered by new reports of dire predictions. Even the weather has become cause for global concern with rampant flooding and extensive long-term drought.

One of my favorite hymns is “If Thou But Trust In God To Guide Thee,” but what does that mean in the context of 21st-Century confusion? If change is the nature of things, can we find God by embracing change? I believe we can if we alter our understanding of God and of ourselves.

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A personal question for the present Crisis: Who are you spiritual for, anyway?

Are our motivations for action spiritual or messianic?

DAVID RICKEY  Russell Bishop, on HuffingtonPost,  lists seven signs that the new millennium is becoming more “spiritually focused.” He lists movies and movements from The Secret to Kabbalah, trying to demonstrate a type of third great American “awakening.”

Let’s look at another progression. In 2000 we (at least some) were afraid of a computer meltdown. When it didn’t happen, we breathed a collective sigh of relief, only to watch the Twin Towers almost literally melt down on 9/11/2001. The fear and the puzzlement grew but was overcome by an excessive patriotism — it was scary for any of us who were asking the serious question, “What did we do to cause this?”

The decade was a roller-coaster.

What appears to be an increase in spirituality, may then, from a different perspective, really be an expression of the desire to be rescued from an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom.

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The sins of fathers: Pablo Escobar speaks from the grave, through his son

The sins of fathers: Pablo Escobar speaks from the grave, through his son

Can you inherit hate? The karmic question is tested in an HBO documentary about the most notorious public enemy alongside Bin Laden and Hitler

BY PAUL KAIHLA – A DEA agent once told me a story he heard about Pablo Escobar, the late founder and CEO of the Medellin drug cartel. Escobar saw an attractive woman in a Colombian hotel. He ordered his henchmen to do two things: kill the woman’s husband, and bring her to his room, where he raped her.

The tale may be apocryphal, and it appears in no public accounts. But what is in the public record thanks to multiple investigations and sig-int intercepts is that Mr. Escobar ordered: the assassination of 3 Colombian presidential candidates, as well as 100’s of cabinet ministers, judges, prosecutors and cops; the bombing of an Avianca jet that killed 110 passengers . . . it’s a long list of atrocities.

In other words, if you’re going to document a case study on the origins and transference of hate, violence and sin, Pablo Escobar is a cardinal candidate.

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On relationships: need versus fidelity

On relationships: need versus fidelity

If trust is about truth, no wonder we find it more difficult to look into each other’s eyes than to have sex together

BY DAVID RICKEY – In Woody Allen’s latest film of dysfunction, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, Gemma Jones’ character says, “My husband walked out on me for one simple reason. I was too honest with him. I refused to allow him to delude himself.”

Truth, lies, seeing, blindfolding . . . having too much of one, and too little of the other, can tip the scales in a relationship, destroying trust.

Trust is really a question of energy flow.

When I truly love you, my energy flows positively out toward you. When I trust you, I believe that your energy will flow positively toward me.

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What to feed a marriage

What to feed a marriage

To make a relationship work, forget about needs. Love is fueled by desire – the kind that comes from the heart, not the hormones.

BY DAVID RICKEY — John Mellencamp is hurting so good, splitting from wife number three after 20 years together. Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock made headlines in 2010 as the antagonist and victim (respectively) in two other, particularly nasty celebrity breakups. For the general population in the U.S. the rate of divorce is 2.5 times what it was 20 years ago. As for the 100 million or so Americans over 18 who are unmarried, how many just can’t be bothered?

Marriage is falling out of favor, and from my perspective there are two prime reasons for this. First, there are the legal issues — both of getting married and getting unmarried — that make people skittish about entering into the contracts marriage entails, and seeing the huge difficulties of breaking those contracts. But the second reason is what concerns me here.

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