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Nine new, new things on Soul’s Code

Soul’s Code is devoted to charting the path of Your growth, and evolving just as you do — from thought to thought, and action to action. Here’s walking the talk: over the past few days we’ve introduced a host of new functions and features for you to grok and try out.

1. New voices join the choir. Read Dr. Stephen Omohundro’s fire walking experience, or check out Cyndi Ingle’s review of Edward de Bono’s new book. These are great pieces you can’t get anywhere else.

2. An interesting question we have asked ourselves: “What is the most loving or kindest thing anyone has ever said to me?” We created a page for you to post what comes to you. There is road-rage, office politics and all kinds of negative noise out there in the world. Here is to sharing positive passages, and creating a Love Scroll of these experiences.

3. We wanted to give you a chance to send a missive to Santiago de Compostela in Spain to be personally delivered by one of our Soul’s Code contributors. Check out the details.

4. Every journey needs a journal, as the Wall Street Journal likes to say. We take it literally. We’re working very hard to give you a place to express what you’ve discovered about yourself, join a conversation with a like-minded community and create a kind of digital spiritual scrapbook. You can see the first-draft of what we’re

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