The new, new workouts about to break out

Fitness celebs and marketing campaigns are out to hook you. Here are a couple of athelete-driven, mind-body movements.

BY SOUL’S CODE — If you’re going to get hooked on anything, it might as well be on healing habits for your mind and body.

We introduced you to emerging techniques like Chi Running. We handicapped cardio-dance trends like 5Rhythms and the S-Factor.

Ya, we know, Zumba won! Ten million Americans now do Zumba every week — and every major gym chain in the country sends Colombian-born Alberto Perez’s Zumba Fitness Inc. a royalty payment for those classes.

But here is our question: Will one of these (below) be the next Zumba, or pilates, or workout to break out?

Tough Mudder

Remember the Ridley Scott movie that starred Demi Moore, a few years before she married Ashton Kutcher? It was called G.I. Jane, and featured many scenes of Moore getting ripped and muddy in the notorious Navy SEAL-inspired Combined Reconnaissance Team training program.

It’s hard to replicate in a group fitness studio at your local gym because it’s a missing a major element: an outdoor obstacle course.

Enter Tough Mudder, which is both the name of a company, and a series of mass athletic events held across the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia. It also the latest craze among personal trainers and gym instructors, who helped popularize Tough Mudder.

Created by a former British counter-terrorism agent who was frustrated with the repetition of marathons and triathalons, Tough Mudder events feature a pre-fab, man-made obstacle course looping around 10 or more miles. Check out the video to the right.

Pro: Targets both fast-twitch (explosive cardio) and slow-twitch muscle fibers (repetitive, resistance routines).

Con: How would you do Tough Mudder, say, in Winnipeg in the middle of winter?

Grace Somatomorphic Technique (GST)

The founder, Anna Rahe (left), drew on peer-reviewed journal studies about your fascia. It’s the membrane inside your body that holds your muscles in place. GST is designed to lengthen and nurture that essential connective tissue.

A fusion of pilates, yoga and ballet-bar exercises, you may be forgiven for calling GST a new-age workout.

But it also plays on an element of another suspension-oriented brand, TRX. Like Tough Mudder above, TRX is also inspired by military boot-camps; and like GST, it is based in California.

Pro: GST helps you prevent sports injuries, not create them.

Con: You could match many of the moves with standard equipment already sitting in your gym  — resistance straps, suspension pulleys and a pilates reformer bed.

Whether it’s about Accelerate, or TRX, or Krankcycle . . . tell us about your favorite gym escapes. Like mountain biking, these leading-edge workouts were created in, and around, San Francisco.

5 Mind-Body workouts that are about to breakout
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