Eckhart Tolle announces 2007 world tour, Hollywood fundraiser

Heal Breast Cancer fundraiser

Eckhart Tolle, the Grandmaster Flash of spiritual teachers, has been living the reclusive and contemplative life we kind of expect of a post-modern mystic. He hasn’t made a public appearance for more than two years. (One of the very last was recorded as this talk in the fall of 2004 in Santa Rosa, CA). His publisher, Penguin, blew eight head valves when he declined to do a single signing, speech or interview to promote his 2005 book, A New Earth. And we loved it! There’s a definite symmetry between that style and Tolle’s teachings, which revolve around the connection between being and silence.

But today, Tolle entered a new phase when he posted the itinerary for a speaking tour that will take him from Dallas to Denmark — and a fundraiser on Feb. 22 in Beverley Hills that has stars like Rosie O’Donnell, Ben Stiller and Paula Abdul attached to it.

It’s for an organization called Heal Breast Cancer (you figure it out). Is Tolle actually going to be on stage to accept their award? Is he going to appear with Paula Abdul and Rosie, personalities who act out many of the pain-body energies that Tolle isolates as one of the central problems of humankind today? Now we’re just plain confused.

Better to focus on some of the other content that Tolle posted today:

We are not afraid of stillness and silence, but the ego in us is. The ego arises out of incessant mental noise. We love stillness, because it is inseparable from who we are in our essence. Whenever you enjoy anything deeply, whenever you experience beauty, love, intense aliveness or creativity, stillness will be there in the background, even though you may not be aware of it directly.

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  1. He will allegedly be in Croatia lecturing next month.


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