Even the Earth has faults: Haiti’s powerful reminder

Like the Earth itself, we are all vulnerable to the energy within us

earthGUEST COLUMN BY HEATHER GREAVES — The Earth in all her pain (toxicity) and glory has faults.

Likewise, we human beings with all our broken dreams and victories, have faults.

As below our feet. . .so it is above.

The year 2010 has begun with Earth releasing energy causing its area known as Haiti to quake and tremor. The energy was released by the rupture of a geological fault without a warning, and definitely without so much as a by-your-leave.

Earth did what she needed to do; she released energy that was pent-up, holding that which could be held no more.  Earth must be freer now.

Healing Trauma

yogalightI am reminded of Dr. Peter Levine’s work in resolving and healing the psychological wounds of trauma through the release of energy trapped in our bodies’ tissues.

Energy that was aroused because of a threat or challenge and for whatever reason was never discharged.

That aroused energy remains stuck in the body, manifesting post traumatic symptoms until it is finally released. Shaking and tremors accompany this release.

It is a very physical experience. And the secret to healing trauma in this way lies in listening to the body’s voice.

As Martin Luther King stated, “Riot is the language of the unheard.”

Haiti’s Healing

cross1We rush to the aid of the people in Haiti, with our pain, glory and yes, our faults.

In our pain, we cry for things to be better, not perfect, just better.

And also pause to remember that we, like the Earth, have faults.

Living on Earth, we are humbled by Her faults, and experience just how vulnerable we really are. . .vulnerable to the faults of Nature, the faults of our brothers and sisters, the faults of our systems, and ourselves.

There are many millions that have experienced and are still experiencing fear and helplessness from the numerous threats as a result of the Earth’s faults.

I pray that once the threat has passed, they experience calm down deep within the tissues of their bodies. . .sooner rather than later.

heather-2Heather Greaves promotes healthy living, sharing yoga and meditation with groups and individuals. She is a certified yoga therapist and polarity therapist.

Heather can be reached at info@yogatogo.com. Visit her site at Body Therapies: Yoga Training Inc.  Read Heather’s previous article on Soul’s Code: Waiting to Exhale.

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2 Responses to “Even the Earth has faults: Haiti’s powerful reminder”

  1. thanks for this article heather. this is such a fresh way of looking at natural disasters. i like the way that you equate them to the energy that all people have within themselves.

  2. Heather, the metaphor between individual faults, and collective faults in the human psyche — as well as on the crust of this fragile earth that supplies us with water and food . . . . You’re the first person to make this connection in the context of Haiti.

    It is a very moving insight. Thank you. Paul