Exclusive: Tony Samara, the Eckhart Tolle of Europe

BY TONY SAMARA  —  Native people say that there will be many volcanoes going off in 2012, and that this will create chaos.

I wrote this column for Soul’s Code in December. They now publish this post. Last week, we see devastating tornadoes in the United States, the most powerful economy on earth (for better or worse).

We pray for those who lost their lives, and to the families who lost those whom they loved.

We are here for them.

Is there a spiritual lesson for observers?

That there will be changes which will shock and challenge each one of us, and that will begin to push people’s emotions and fears up to the surface . . . It is a given of living.

Will we just sit here feeling that we can’t do anything, and wait for, say, volcanoes?

If we follow this line of thought, with all of the fallacies that accompany that medium (thought), we are bound to enter a time of chaos.

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Why? Because we will be allowing the pain, the old programs that we have inside of ourselves not to be transformed. We will see the picture of pure consciousness from a very distorted part of ourselves.

To function from a state of consciousness that creates a problem, doesn’t actually help us to get to pure consciousness.

If we feel that we are victims to any aspect of the world, it has to change

I believe that through meditation we are able to change from having fear and pain and suffering to being who we really are and that is joyful, peaceful people and that by smiling and laughing from the heart this brings the vibration to a level where, even when things are difficult, there is still a choice to create a different reality.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been to many native societies and they sing and they smile. I watch babies and they’re born with natural beautiful smiles and I believe that this is natural for all human beings.

Meditation helps to release the old programs that make people unhappy ~ helps release the pain and suffering, so that we can come back to this sense of joy and peace.

After living for several years in a Zen Buddhist monastery, Tony Samara ventured to the jungles of South America to the Amazon and to the Andes where he lived and studied among a community of Shamans.  Tony Samara is now a spiritual teacher who encourages all to lead their lives actively in a noble way in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness.

Check out Tony Samara’s live Satsangs at www.TonySamara.TV. His newest book, Deeper than Words is available on Amazon.com.

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