Spiritual Surf: Revenge is a dish best served in the nude?

The best ways to handle anger: nude photo sessions, slutty behavior or destructive behavior

A woman left children entrusted to her care unattended to venture into the woods and pose for nude pictures, the Associated Press reports. The woman, a 20-year-old, said the photo session was designed to get back at her boyfriend.

It’s, indeed, a low point when we use sex to try and hurt those we purport to love, let alone put children in the way of harm or neglect. We’ve written about the benefits of nudity and highlighted different perspectives on sex. Let a quick thought from David Deida’s “Instant Enlightenment” serve as a commentary on this case:

Love is openness, no resistance. If you want to liberate your deepest gifts, practice dressing like a slut while opening to offer your genuine love.

Again, you can gather with some close friends. Dress like a slut. Wear exactly what you most resist–your friends can enjoy helping you adorn yourself with the outfit, makeup, and jewelry that really evoke your nauseous resistance.

Then, acting as a slut, look into your friends’ eyes, feeling into their souls. Offer love to your friends–through dance, hugs, song or touch–your heart’s most juicy expression.

A man in Germany threw his computer out the window late at night, waking up his neighbors. The police let him off without pressing charges for disturbing the peace, according to Reuters. We’ve written about the orgiastic joy that can come from destruction, especially when it helps to free your mind from the importance of things. Still, one has to feel that the transitory pleasure of sending one’s laptop out the window might too soon be outweighed by the discomfort of having to buy a new one.

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