How your pet shares your emotions

Secrets of a real-life horse whisperer

BY JENNIFER SCALIA  — If we conduct a collective check-in on how we relate to animals, some of Hollywood is a barometer. Birds, as in Hitchcock’s 1963 film with Tippi Hedren, may be feared. Rats (Willard) and snakes (Samuel Jackson) are to be loathed.

But horses, from Gladiator to Westerns to the Horse Whisperer, deserve our love.

I had never learned to ride a horse before doing healing work with this species that bred movie stars but I saw the Robert Redford movie and loved the book by Nicholas Evans — one of the few I could actually get myself to read back then.

Horses reflect a strength and love that we humans already hold

Like John Wayne and John Ford, I was drawn to horses. They reflect a strength and love that we already are.

They allow us to feel what we really are.  That is the healing.

Horses help us remember all that we are and can be but due to their sensitivity they also reflect fear . . . if we bring that into their midst.

In many ways, horses are powerful teachers and healers.

GM ad for the 2013 Corvette: 430 horse power

For me, I was just drawn to horses even though I initially had a fear to work with them. For starters, I am 110 pounds. They are 10 times bigger than me, and way stronger.

That’s why your car is measured in “horsepower.”

My fear started to lessen and my passion kept getting stronger, and I developed a certain amount of trust needed to be around an animal that can out-run a Smart Car — and let you on top of them to ride.

You become one.

And a mutual trust — and not to sound silly about it, Love — go hand in hand.

My best therapy is on the great American plains, not in an office with a talk therapist

The most effective therapy I’ve had was not at high-priced retreats in Sedona, Arizona but learning to ride, care for, and offer intuitive energy healing with horses on the great plains of America.

My first experience. Sonny, a quarter horse, was trained as a bold rodeo horse who won a “horse of the year.”

But Sonny was more than that: He was an illustration of the empathetic nature of animals.

Horses are more sensitive than any other animal I have ever worked with. In this case, Sonny acted as a catalyst for a full circle healing because that loop extended to his human father.

His human father had experienced a loss.

What happens is with domesticated mammals who have formed a bond with us — from your house-pets to horses — they take in our pain by a sort of osmosis.

Sonny took that pain from his father’s loss (death in the family), and Sonny was trying to process it.

For him, it was through his own energetic system. I want people to understand that this happens. It happens all of the time with animals. It is actually one of the most common issues I come across.

The biggest pain for the animals closest to us: Our pain

Sonny had a gentle disposition towards me, and was gracefully receptive as I assisted him; we worked on clearing the sadness from his Heart chakra, during which I felt other experiences that had affected his level of self-confidence, along with sensing leg inflammation that was contributing to depression.

He accomplished a quick shift, perhaps due to his caring human father who graciously released his own emotional pain — and took my advice to renew some of his companionship and exercise time with Sonny.

Sonny bounded back: his appetite increased, filling his body back to a half-ton stature.

He now holds his head up with confidence again, becoming the lead horse of the pack rather than staying behind with apathy. And his leg is no longer keeping him from playful activity.

A great healer for our animals: Connection to our care and compassion

My most recent client was Phoebe, an inspiring story of an adorable pony with a nurturing, maternal personality.

She has been healing from being kicked by another horse.  It caused an injury that makes any horse-lover cringe: a broken leg.

Phoebe’s “owner” Kylin, is genuinely open-minded. She chose alternative therapies along with Western medicine.

Kylin even introduced me to other horse owners at the stable with a casual manner, as if bringing in an energy-healer was just as common as a hoof-trimmer.

Phoebe had some emotions from past experiences to resolve, along with helping to boost her immune system and direct energy work on her leg. But what I found so impressive and beautiful was that I could feel how much she knew that she was loved and adored by Kylin and Kylin’s young daughters. They also had faith and kept themselves positive offering encouragement to Phoebe.

This family kept her spirit light which helped in the healing process; her leg is mending rapidly eight weeks after the injury, and she seems to have no emotional trauma from being kicked.

Why both Hollywood, car companies and healers love horses

Energy-healing is a sacred partnership. Together there is a link which brings a wholeness to all involved.

I find that I gain more realization after any session with a person or animal — and horses are exceptional, as they reflect all to which we aspire: freedom, power, amazing strength, determination, beauty and compassion.

They help us remember our inner wildness and joy, and to become one cohesive unit in trust and Love.

Jennifer Scalia is a spiritual seeker, healer and animal sanctuary operator who is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Her first column for Soul’s Code was The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. Visit Jennifer online at Elemental Pet Care.

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One Response to “How your pet shares your emotions”

  1. I agree with you about animals. I work with dogs in several ways. I take my chocolate Labrador and golden retriever into care homes for the elderly. They absorb lots of stress from the residents who appear much better after the visit when they have stroked or talked to the dogs. They come home exhausted. The chocolate lab often gets left ear problems, which with a lot of healing and love from me improves. The holistic vet said don’t stop it as my dog feels it is his job and would be worse if we stopped.
    I also treat people and their dogs with massage or healing. My main training was in human healing, but have realised that we humans affect our dogs, so they need healing too. It is amazing how animals pick up on our emotions and help to take the hurt away to the extent they sometimes get Ill.
    We are so much healthier having an animal, whether a dog, horse, cat or any other pet.
    Let’s hear it for these lovely beings.