Kudos to our PEAK EXPERIENCE Photo Contest Winner – Michael Hampson

Congratulations to Michael Hampson, whose photo, “The Kiss,” won the first Soul’s Code Show us your Peak Experience photo contest. As Michael explains, “This is Drew and Katie at a benefit I organized. The band had just finished their set. He was so happy to share the moment with her.” [It almost looks like it could be Adrian Grenier in the HBO series, Entourage.]

Michael has won a $50 gift certificate to www.SoundsTrue.com, the iTunes of audio courses, books, videos, and music for all things spiritual.

Our take on life is that Everyone’s a guru — we are all equal in our creativity, singular experiences and insights on how to access the essence that lies beneath the surface of our personalities. In that spirit, this online event was a peak experience for us, too. Thank you all who shared yours in the images you sent us.

- Cyndi, Paul, Beverley, David, Joanne, Bill, Smadar, Stefan, Kelli, Andrew, Heli, Arno and all of the Soul’s Code crew

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One Response to “Kudos to our PEAK EXPERIENCE Photo Contest Winner – Michael Hampson”

  1. namaste yall; ive been out of the loop for a while.im honored to tell you that i took this photo of drew of kisses give you powers and katie caron at a benefit that they both performed at that i organized for our Redhill Valley. They are both emerging young artists and aware beings.Keep spreading the light yall.create a great evening.michael hampson