March 11, 2010: How To Stay Calm in a Mad, Mad World

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What to do when the world screams in your face…



When my own mind is in turmoil, or when another person is literally screaming at me, I wonder: “What is the source of this emotional tsunami?”

Over the years I have learned that “screaming,” and “at me,” are concepts — not empirical reflections of reality. Just look at the video here.

These thought-forms in my mind are “conclusions” that reflect my projections about reality. The feeling that someone is “screaming” changes, completely, when I recognize that the person in front of, or within me, is suffering.

arguing-300x199.jpgIn this process I begin to taste patience and acceptance. On too many occasions in the past, I have been ignorant of skills in relating and responding in present time in “screaming” scenarios. But those work-a-day shockers invite me to discovery: the skillful means of mind and action can be cultivated through daily practice with everyone — friends, family, clients, acquaintances and strangers.


Continue reading for Daniel Woo’s tips on how to cultivate calm in the midst of an emotional storm… 

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