March 2, 2010: EXCLUSIVE – Why I Didn’t Out my Abuser

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 Marina Giulliani’s book Sins of My Faith: Innocence Lost to Incest 

It’s commonly understood that incest refers to “sexual acts between close relatives”, but I know from first-hand experience that incest is a heinous act that no dictionary definition could possibly prepare you for.

Fondled by a respected member of our family, from the time I was much too young to know what havoc the guilt of sexual pleasure would bestow on my future, I lost my innocence to incest.

At one time I would have agreed with those who claim that rape is a far more serious abuse than touching.

But now that I’ve put all the pieces together, it’s apparent that my subconscious made no such distinction.

smiling blonde girl missing front teeth.jpgMy abuser was loving, fun and endlessly funny. I adored him, and I delighted in the extra attention he gave me because where he touched me made me feel good all over.

As I grew older and learned more about what was appropriate when it came to personal boundaries, whenever his “indiscretions” crossed my mind, I suppressed them — trusting that he could never have meant to do what his actions implied. I could not possibly consider it to be abuse. There was too much pleasure.

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"This journey is not a lone woman’s journey there are many out there and thank you Marina for opening the doorway to women acknowledging that the child within should be an innocent.  At my mother’s eulogy I realized that I was the fifth generation of abused women and the pattern breaker to it all." — Sheelagh (Read more comments from part two). 

"As a recovered Catholic I know the power of the indoctrination by the church and the harmful results to women’s self image.  Thanks for drawing my attention to this book." — Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem (Read more comments from part three).

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