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This week Chase Cameron asks for help in coming to terms with his brother’s death, and Father David Rickey, rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco, responds.

Chase’s story…

On November 27th, 2009, 3:50 p.m., at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital, Gerald Wayne Mori died of leukemia. He was 45 years old and he was my younger brother and only sibling.

During the last several years of his life we had grown so close, and I came to know him as more than just the successful family favorite. I came to know Jerry as a big man with a huge heart, a wicked sense of humor and a deep love for his friends . . .

I do not drive, and the friend of his who was to take me to see him never did. Key family members did all they could, emotionally and physically, to keep me from my brother, but I didn’t see him until the day before he died.

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david.jpgFather David Rickey responds…

It is clear you are in a lot of pain because your family does not
accept you as you are. The question back is: “Do you really need their
acceptance?” By holding on to the need for their acceptance, you are
giving away your power to them. That power is what is, among other
things, is enabling you to do this marathon ride in Jerry’s honor and

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