Three times, Charmed

Do you believe in material magic? A self-styled “financial alchemist” shares her 3-step formula for translating vision into action and goals

charmed_4GUEST COLUMN: MORGANA RAE — You don’t have to call yourself a magician, mystic, psychic, priestess or Wiccan to be magical. Every wish, prayer, business plan, and affirmation carries magic.

The question is, how do you get better at making things happen?

How do you increase your experience of ease, flow, and synchronicity?

My mother introduced me to my awareness of magic. No one casts a circle or leads a ritual like she can! Maybe it’s because she’s my mother, or because she’s a triple Leo, or because she has a special talent for it, but there always seems to be stronger magic when she plays High Priestess.

As I got older I found ritual magic became less effective for me. There was almost a feeling of desperation, a forcing quality when I would set up my altar and call in the directions. Most importantly, I noticed it didn’t seem to be working.

moonThat doesn’t mean the magic stopped. I believe things work for you until they stop working, and that’s a sign to move on. I noticed magic happening in other ways. I’d have a casual thought like, “I think it’s time for _____” or “I’d like to _____” or “I want a _____” or “Wouldn’t it be nice if _____?” Soon the object of my desire showed up.

For example, a year ago I decided it was time to be interviewed as an expert on television or radio. I had no idea how to go about it. I wasn’t looking forward to pitching myself to producers. It just seemed like it was time, and I told myself I’d do it in the next three months. Two months went by and I hadn’t done much to make it happen. I took a class on media interviews, but I knew the real work would be making the phone calls. Just as I resolved to get into action, I received a request to be a guest on a television talk show. It fell into my lap!

My first book, my trainer, my bookkeeper, my publicist, and more toys and trips than I can list, all came about the same way.

What makes magic happen? The underlying principles of all magic are intention and inner shift. Set your intention for gentle and effortless shift.

Three practices that work: vision, strategic action, and asking

dreaming21.  Vision is the dreaming part, getting in touch with what you want. This isn’t about what you think you should want (for instance, you may have been told all your life to want marriage, babies, and fame. . .but do you really?).

Look at those fantasies and desires that are close to your heart, even the things that don’t seem possible. Dreams and fantasy are the language of vision. They show you who you really are and help you see what’s most important to you. This helps the universe set things in motion.

I find it helps to get these ideas out of your head and into some physical form. Create a vision board, a collage of pictures and words and symbols that mean something to you and represent elements of the life you envision flowing to you.

Many people resist this step.  But I have heard again and again from clients (especially the ones who didn’t want to do it) how glad they were that they did a vision board. It works “like magic”, clarifying your values and bringing your right brain and your unconscious mind into the game of getting you where you want to go.

2.  Action creates energy. It shows the universe you’re serious. For instance when I decided I was ready to be a radio or television guest expert, I took a class on being a good media guest. This small action lubricated the way for the universe to help me.

Most people weigh themselves down with busy work that overwhelms them and slows (or even stops) their progress.

• Learn to prioritize what is most important. What do you do that has the most impact? Anything else is “faerie points.”

• Don’t try to do everything at the same time. In fact, don’t do now what you can do in three months. Plan your year by quarters, and spread out your goals evenly in each quadrant. Focus on this quarter first. If you finish early, then you can shop for activities from later in the year.

• If it isn’t fun and doesn’t make you a ton of money, delegate it.

• Put your big goals further out into the future, and make your short-term goals smaller. Build believability. Most people psych themselves out by taking on too much before they’re ready. Take BABY STEPS. What is an effortless first step? Set yourself up for success. Collect “wins”, build your confidence and build momentum!

• Look for what is effortless.

• Know the difference between your job (action) and the universe’s job (results).

Choose strategic action over busy work to get into motion and allow room for what you want. When you feel overwhelmed you may be telling the universe “no more!”

3.  Ask for what you want.

asking4helpEvery week ask for the universe’s help in some endeavor. Some weeks it’s easy to come up with something, such as,“Get me over this cold!” It’s the weeks that you can’t think of anything that really stretch you. Then the exercise is about honoring your relationship with Source.

You’ll get better results the more you align yourself with that Source. Tune into your wisdom.  Listen, look for, or feel what is wanting to be requested.

This weekly practice reminds you of the distinction between your job and the universe’s. And you increase your ability to be a gracious, appreciative receiver. This is attractive to Source.

It’s this dance between practical action and spiritual allowing that creates a charmed life. As you practice, you’ll find it easier to conjure what you want at any time. You are on your way to mastering magic!

morganaMorgana Rae, a master results coach and the creator of Financial Alchemy, is president of Charmed Life Coaching, a life and business coaching company that guides clients to attract more than they chase and to enjoy success without sacrificing their humanity. Visit Abundance and Prosperity to get a free prosperity MP3 download.

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3 Responses to “Three times, Charmed”

  1. Christina Resell Reply 30. Oct, 2009 at 7:57 am

    I believe ritual is there for focusing :) when it is not needed anymore – it fades as our focus will fade with it :)

  2. Curious as to find out if there are any references to or people that you know that can manifest a person to honor there words of agreement for paying me as agreed to my father before his passing. this would be the mother figure.
    Be Well

  3. Great suggestions. I’m a big believer in the power of specific visioning because it’s worked in my life many times. My favorite story to share: I was in career transition, unemployed and wanting something meaningful, but I couldn’t decide what — there were too many things I was interested in.

    So I wrote in my diary the areas I was interested in: Filmmaking (I have a background in that); Marine Biology (new to me, but have been in love with it since childhood); and Fountain Design (stemming from my desire for design work and working with water). Pretty diverse, right? Completely scattered. I felt so myself.

    Well guess what? Within six months I’d landed a job as a Producer at an interactive cinema company, where I was put in charge of shooting a film about dolphins, and my boss was, in addition to being the CEO, a renowned artist and fountain designer.

    Film. Flipper. Fountains. I got it all… :) And it all just kind of happened. Magically, I guess you could say.