May the Source be with you

Our thoughts can create a personal heaven or hell. A psychic guide offers four ways to tune your inner voice to a higher frequency.     

redpantsquestionsmGUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — When people ask me about their love life, money, or career, often the answer is not about whom they are going to meet, if they’ll make money, or whether they should change careers.

More often, the answer lies somewhere between one’s self-perception and how he or she relates to the human experience.

I am constantly reminding people about the truth of life we too often forget: remembering begets the empowerment to allow good to happen in life.

What we give our attention to is what we bring into our lives.

Look at your life: your circumstances as well as your feelings every moment of every day, and this will tell you exactly the quality and content of your thoughts and beliefs.

The gap between heaven and hell is all about perspective. Are your thoughts expansive? Do you believe there is always enough? Do you believe Source is always meeting your needs beyond your expectations? Or do you believe there is never enough, or only enough for some? Does it fall in between?

How perspective affects reality

Recently I did a psychic reading for an absolutely brilliant woman, who did not think she was brilliant. She described herself as “desperate” to find and connect to a life partner. As we worked the energy during the reading, my goal became clear. Note the pattern.

strongwomen1. I reminded her. . . to acknowledge her strengths. So often we are willing to shine a spotlight on all our flaws. We hang our head with false modesty when it comes to showing our strengths. In this case, the person had completely denied a strength (her intelligence).

2. I reminded her. . . of the truth of energy, how it works in life, and the importance of honoring her essence. Therein lies the “magic” of fulfillment in life. Being who you are, with honesty, integrity and love. This person was literally rejecting herself. She wondered why she was desperate. In consciousness she would not be able to attract a loving partner while she fed her own rejection.

3. I reminded her. . . to define herself through her inner voice, not through external stimulus. The truth of who we are cannot be seen by the naked eye. The magnificence of us cannot even fit into the constraints of this limited environment.

4. I reminded her. . . to be diligent and responsible with the thoughts she allows into her head. Thoughts are things. They have a consciousness. They create.

Expansion is always, without exception, the process of having expansive, unlimited thinking in your mind. Limited, ego-based thinking, “I’m not good enough,” and “I’m desperate” will only create more negativity. If you want expansive results, put your trust in unlimited thinking and have an open heart.

We must practice filling our mind with constructive thoughts and unlimited ideas. This is the nature of Source. The more we align ourselves with the unlimited bounty of Source, the more expansion we allow into our life.

Psychic, author and spiritual teacher, Phyllis King, writes a weekly column for Soul’s Code.  Read last week’s column: Love is a verb.  So, let’s DO it.   Starting September 6th, listen to Phyllis on L.A’s KTLK-AM 1150 every Sunday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm. PST.

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5 Responses to “May the Source be with you”

  1. Lindsay K. Fryer Reply 21. Aug, 2009 at 9:06 am

    I love this article! There are so many times where in just a few days I have completely changed my perspective of life by simply bringing attention to my thoughts. It’s amazing how much personal fulfillment we can bring into our lives as individuals.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    Can’t wait to tune into your new show, starting on Sept. 6th to learn more!

  3. Speaking of “tuning,” I experienced a felt-shift from this cue and the energy of these words:

    “Thoughts are things. They have a consciousness. They create.”

    This is simply exquisite observation. thank you

  4. Thoughts offer us infinite possibilities as they emerge from the mind that have the potential to live in our conscious awareness. It is not until we give birth to those thoughts by taking action on them that they can be observed fully and their value interpreted. Buddhist would argue that all thoughts are toxic because they are spawned by the personal mind or ego. The universal mind that we all share knows how to eliminate personal mind chatter to access the inherent goodness found in the ‘common sense’ that we all share. We then ‘know’ what actions will serve our best interests as unified souls.

  5. I liked this statement the best . . . “If you want expansive results, put your trust in unlimited thinking and have an open heart.” — It just seemed to speak to me I guess.

    I consider myself a very positive person, but I can be critical of myself as well and then I start to “believe” that my weak points are taking over my positive points. Maybe I need the “pause” bracelet to snap out of this thinking! lol

    A good article….well written…thanks!