katie davis

Love advice from a woman with no ego

Katie Davis is a female mystic, fellow traveler of Eckhart Tolle’s and teacher of the kind of love that makes relationships last

GUEST COLUMN: KATIE DAVIS author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment— All love is one Love and when we fall in love with one another, it is said that we are experiencing the divine. Rumi, a thirteenth-century Sufi poet, defines love as a mystical moment, when two spiritually-connected individuals meet.

We call it love at first sight.

In this meeting of eyes, Rumi romantically writes, we not only experience the union of two loving souls but also the Love that is the crux of the universe.

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Stone temple pilot: Teotihuacan, Mexico

Stone temple pilot: Teotihuacan, Mexico

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The largest pyramid in the Americas has drawn people from around the world who want a peak experience. Now I know why. I just had one.

PAUL KAIHLA — Like a typico gringo, I launched into a litany of questions about historical facts so that I could “know” Teotihuacan, a sacred city that was built by the Toltecs 2,000 years ago — that is, at about the same time that an Atlantic away the Romans were achieving hegemony over the antique world and crucifying Christ.

My guide dissuaded me from such thinking — and thinking, at all.

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Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: The Vampire meme and HBO’s True Blood

From Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst in Interview with a Vampire to True Blood on HBO, the vampire archetype has sucked us all in. Why?

The story of parasitic blood-suckers began in the antique Persian age but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the term “vampire” became a mass-media meme. In three words: Bram Stoker’s, Dracula (1897).

Dracula first appeared on the big screen in the 1909 silent movie, Vampire of the Coast. Since then, this mythic figure has fascinated the world by refracting the shadow — speaking Jungian — of the male psyche.

Click on the radio buttons below for a spiritual analysis of this fundamental male way of being:

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Ashley Judd in Missing

Spiritual Surf: America’s pain index

Ashley Judd’s wounded ego; Which pills are recession-proof; and online porn way bigger than The New York Times

Addicted in America: Skyrocketing sales of Oxy and Percocet (Associated Press)

The new book, Dosed: Introducing America’s first psychotropic generation (Salon.com excerpt)

The demand curve for drunks: Vegas anesthesiologist launches mobile IV service (Hangover Heaven)

Up to $500 per detox treatment: “As if we do not know that the proprietary blend is salt water and a few vitamins (Science 2.0)

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Six ways compassion changed my life

Tired of situations that don’t resonate with you and your life? The secret of compassion

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: DR. JEANINE AUSTIN — Many of the great spiritual teachers throughout time emphasize the power of love in action, also known as compassion. As a life coach who specializes in helping women, I often offer techniques that are love-based.

When I have clients who are seeking monumental shifts and changes, why mess with a weaker ideology?

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A 50-second meditation hypnosis

Are you feeling out of it in your office? A quick method to expand yourself, and feel good

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: BY TONY SAMARA —  Expansion moves beyond an idea, it is the shared experience that the cosmos celebrates through this beautiful song that I call the song of angels. As the cosmos sings and you sing back to it, there is a sense of peace and understanding that manifests more deeply than just words.

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How did I grow wise with age? I started young

How did I grow wise with age? I started young

A psychologist who grew up in California and now lives in Germany, reports a peak experience she had in Japan

BY CATHERINE ANN LOMBARD — Are peak experiences so rare to the average American? Such a shame. The late, great Italian psychiatrist — and victim of Mussolini’s regime — Roberto Assagioli called them transpersonal experiences.

Call them what you want: Peak experiences have informed me and my life for many years. Perhaps one of the earliest and strongest occurred in 1987 while I was living in Japan. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I moved to Fukuyama, about 400 miles south of Tokyo to teach English.

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EW fifty shades

Spiritual Surf: Sex in the age of Obama

HBO’s Girls, E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, ‘swingles’ and more

The new rage are naughty e-books for mothers in America: The Story of O . . . 2.0 (Maureen Dowd)

HBO’s follow-up to Sex and the City: Recession-era erotica is a mess (New York Times)

They hold the whole 2012 in their hands: Introducing Swingles! (Slate)

From the archives: Where sex meets spirituality (Soul’s Code)

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