PHOTO CONTEST winners appear in new slideshow, “Meditation Junkies”

A dude doing a headstand in Times Square and a woman striking a tree pose in the ocean. Meet our meditation junkies!

yoga-01timessquare-copy.jpgFor the latest Soul’s Code photo contest we asked readers to submit photos of themselves doing their spiritual thing — yoga, pilates, meditation, whatever — anywhere but where we’d expect to typically see them. We received scores of terrific entries — a guy perched atop a hotel banister, a couple poised along the ridge of a canyon — so cool, that we were called to feature our favorites in a new Soul’s Code slideshow, Meditation Junkies.

We chose two winners, and we’ll send both a $50 gift certificate to SoundsTrue, a sort of iTunes for spirituality.

We love the Times Square yoga-pose because the setting is so incongruous.

The spiritual teacher Ram Dass had a saying that goes something like: ‘If you think you’re so enlightened, go spend a week of vacation visiting your parents.’ You can issue a similar challenge using Times Square as the benchmark: try maintaining a space of detachment and serenity there, of all places!

Sachin Kandhari, who lives on Long Island, did just that — and as Ram Dass’ aphorism invites us to try, did it with his parents!

Sachin picked them up at JFK Airport (they had flown in from Dubai, where they live) and drove them straight to the Summer Solstice celebration at Times Square in Manhattan this past June 21. His father, himself a yogi, took this shot of Sachin doing a headstand, called the sirsasana pose.

“Besides simply having a good stretch in the city,” says Sachin, “one of the goals is to practice meditation in the busiest place on earth.” Namaste, dude, and thanks for sharing your image!

Our other winner was doing her thing far from Times Square:

yoga-02beach-copy.jpgWe fell in love with the atmospheric quality of this peak experience pose — does she not look as though she’s floating?

The woman is Annalee Sweet, and this picture was taken by her sister, Caitlin. This spot where heaven meets earth, and earth meets heaven is literally high in the sky: it’s a salt flat, the largest in the world, on a plateau in Bolivia that sits at an altitude of about 12,000 feet.

The Salar de Uyuni was a giant prehistoric lake, and the parts of it that are still covered with water reflect the sky.


We broadcast an attitude of gratitude to each and every reader who generously shared what is a deep and personal moment, and we thank the stars of the Meditation Junkies slideshow for your on-going presence on this site’s landing page.

We have an ambitious vision for Soul’s Code, and invite you to pass it on to friends and new fans.

Keep in touch by emailing us: We are open to your suggestions and submissions — and comments below your favorite columns, confessions, prescriptions and peak experiences in our archive.


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  1. this series of photos rocks…it inspires me to find a special corner of the world and unwind and relax…slooow it all down!