Santa Claus: International man of mystery

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — He’s big. He’s hairy. He’s said to tear through the night sky accompanied by magical reindeer. Santa Claus makes a truly weird symbol of conspicuous consumption. Maybe that’s because he’s a figure whose spiritual roots sit deeper than today’s commercial culture.

Santa as we know him today symbolizes holiday cheer, Christian charity, and, yes, maybe more than just a little bit of pagan wildness. Little wonder this mischievous elf has been shunned by Christians, banned by secularists, and viewed with suspicion by purists of all sorts.

As he keeps sliding down the chimney into our culture, click on the radio buttons below to see how much you know about the global poster-boy for Christmas.

According to author Phyliss Siefker, the tradition of hanging stockings by the chimney evolved from:

According to some Northern Europeans, Father Christmas actually lives where?

Today’s figure of Santa Claus is based on which Christian historical figures?

Father Christmas, England’s version of Santa Claus, made an early appearance in what great work of literature?

Santa Claus, in one form or another, was not welcome...

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One Response to “Santa Claus: International man of mystery”

  1. I’m from northern Ontario: Of course I got sucked in by the stockings by the fireplace red herring :)

    Fantastic fun!