Spiritual IQ Quiz: 9 questions about President Barack Obama’s inner life

What does the 44th President, his family and friends really believe in — that is, beyond politics?

BY SOUL’S CODE — Barack Obama is the personification of this site’s meme, “spiritual but not religious.”

On matter’s of faith, it’s what makes it so easy for pundits to spin his story from both the fundamentalist right and the agnostic left.

Exhibit: A documentary released during the 2012 presidential election cycle, 2016: Obama’s America (links to free streaming here), suggested that our 44th president is an anti-Christian, anti-colonialist.

From the left: Liberal comedian and million-dollar Obama donor, Bill Maher, routinely says he hopes the prez is lying when he espouses his Christian credentials.

Test your spiritual knowledge about our president by clicking on the multiple-choice answers below:

According to Barack Obama, his father Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was a confirmed . . .

Obama attracted notice for hosting a dinner in honor of the Islamic celebration of Ramadan at the White House during the 2012 election year. But who was the first president to hold an Iftar dinner?

At a news conference in Turkey during the first year of his first term as president, Obama said that the United States does not consider itself a  . . .

Name the officiant who performed the wedding ceremony of Michelle and Barack Obama:

What was the religion of President Obama's step-father, Lolo Soetoro — that is, the second husband of Ann Dunham?

The Fox News cable channel tried to SWIFT-boat candidate Obama when he first ran for president with high-rotation clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Name Wright's religious organization:

What is the religion of Barack Obama's half-sister, Soetoro-Ng — that is, the daughter of Ann Dunham and Lelo Soetoro? (Hint, she is a Honolulu-based author)

What was the official religion of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., Kenyan-born father of the U.S. 44th President?

What is U.S. President Barack Obama's formal church affiliation?

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  1. Woo hoo! I only missed one. Who knew Thomas Jefferson celebrated the first Iftar dinner? Hey, wait a minute. I thought you said this quiz was about President Barack Obama?