By popular demand! You now have to Aug. 31 to enter the “Enlightenment Contest”

We’ve extended the best, brightest and biggest Soul’s Code photo, video and art contest: Get featured on our homepage, in our next postcard . . . “Take” a shot at snagging a spiritual basket of prizes worth $250!

enlightenmentcontest1The idea: Show us a person, place or practice that inspires, or enlightens you. Email us an image or video clip. Finalists will have their work featured on our homepage, and the winner will receive a

Grand prize:

* A $50 lululemon gift card 
* A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
* The companion audio CD, Meditations for a New Earth, by Tolle’s companion, Kim Eng
* An energy reading with psychologist and healer, Smadar de Lange
* And for when you have Zinned too much, Vaishali’s Gemstone Alcohol Detoxifier

For inspiration: What non-work thing makes your work day?  What gives you a peak experience on the weekend?

thumbs_yoga-02beachSome of us are pulled out of bed by a puppy in the morning, motivating a morning meditation.  Others are inspired by a best friend’s words of wisdom, or act of forgiveness. Still others, by a spiritual hideaway.

How to enter: Send submissions to, along with your name, and a one-line caption describing your inspiration, by August 31, 2009.

Final hint: Check out the Meditation Junkies from our last photo contest. Use your imagination, and illuminate our space!

Keep in mind, Everyone’s a Guru.

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19 Responses to “By popular demand! You now have to Aug. 31 to enter the “Enlightenment Contest””

  1. I’m always talking about Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj, but this time I’d like to propose Krishna Das.

    Go to this web site: His kirtan practice has inspired tens of thousands. He has many recordings.

    If you go to The Whole Being Weekend you will be able to participate in his kirtans.

    Kirtan is a form of Yoga, the Yoga of Chant.

    This is my suggestion.


  2. Dear friends at Souls Code,

    Thank you for much for inviting me to enter your divine contest.

    My contribution is the group I have created with God’s love on the professional networking site linked in.

    Here is the link –

    If for some reason you cannot see it because you are not a member of my group entitled, Inner Peace and Harmony, please let me know and I will send you an invitation to join.

    My entry is entitled – How doing God’s work lead me to the love of my Geoff Seale on Linked in. It documents The Greatest Modern Day Love Story Ever Told !

    Wishing you the most amazing day of you life !

    All my best to you always,

  3. I like your website and this contest. Great idea!!! We all need more inspiration.

  4. Ihana valloittava kuva, kaikki me haluamme katsella pilvia ja loikoilla ruhikossa, se on kesan syvin olemus. Siihen maailmaan mahtuu ajatuksia koko elaman taydelta.
    Tama elama,jossa elamme ja se jota emme voi nahda. Siihen uppoutuu kaikki toiveemme
    ja salaisetkin ajatuksemme.

    Toivotan kaikille rikasta elamaa ruohikossa ja pilvien reunalla.


  5. Lovely idea for the contest. I would say I’m a meditation junkie. I write them, I record them and I do them!

    Blessings to each and all! Keep it in the alpha! :)

  6. Awesome site…just registered for the contest.

  7. How fun – we are in a continuous process of enlightenment if we retain the childlike delight of curiosity, the passion of seeking, the love of learning, the excitement of growing, the determination of mastering a skill, the embracing of what is before us, the opening into experience, the joy of continuous aliveness and the stubbornness of never giving up. Combine that with the wisdom of stillness, depth, compassion, acceptance, surrender in the quiet light of inner space in the presence and we are one with the divine. Surfing that is life!!! tune in to my blog for inspirations and explorations and sharings from one very mystic dancer of life.

  8. How I’m developing my spiritual groove:

    Shaking medicine! (watch the video).


  9. What inspires and enlightens me:

    “Just sitting outside catching a breeze after a day inside at the office.”

    -Joyce Mills

  10. This is totally inspiring to me … “Girl’s Singing Voice Changes In 5-Minutes”

    Thank you,

    Julie Tuton
    San Francisco

  11. Julie, that’s a fantastic video about the potential for each of us to grow and change when we go for it, let it go, trust and cast our ballot with openness. Thank you! -Paul

  12. An interactive, multimedia story about Buddhist monks living in rural North Carolina:

    As a practitioner, The Abbot has opened the way to learn how to dispel suffering; the Sun News, Myrtle Beach newspaper has opened the way by sharing this glimpse into the Wat Carolina experience for people all around the world.

    Deborah Welch

    Board Member, Wat Carolina Buddhajakra Vanaram

  13. A way of life that will transform you. Practice!

    - from the Tayu Meditation Center

  14. Namaste,

    What inspires me is either writing or painting as they pull from two different parts of my soul.

    My writing:

    Thank you,

    Have a happy day!

  15. I am inspired by my son’s courage and confidence to sit in the window of a crowded NYC music store, and get lost in his own music.

  16. This is a video that I made a while ago, that I would like to enter into the contest

    Love, Light, Peace and Joy,
    Cheryl Semones
    Anderson, SC

  17. My entry is entitled, “How doing God’s work lead me to the love of my Geoff Seale on Linked in.”

    Here is the link –

    It is The Greatest Modern Day Love Story Ever Told !

    Wishing you the most amazing day of you life !

    All my best to you always,
    Elaine Springer

  18. Single Caption: I saw the women’s eyes shining; I saw them enlightening the world with their woman-wisdom, their wily smiles, their open-flowered red hearts.

    While I realize it is probably too long, I’m entering this 4 minute videopoem in your Enlightenment Contest. Vimeo offers a lovely rendition (and I’d prefer you saw that rather than a fuzzy .MP4).

    Many beautiful blessings,


    (Who LOVES Soul’s Code!!!)

  19. Hi there,

    A friend told me I should enter this contest, great website by the way!

    (My passion/peak experience is a business I created) Pampered Passions

    . . . . the way we treat our employees goes beyond boundaries:

    We send each of our ladies to a Spa monthly for a complimentary massage or facial. Our employees “Nurture our customer’s Female Spirits”, so we do our best to nurture our employees spirits.

    We empower the ladies that work with us to have a very “Safe sisterhood” environment. We do not allow the negativity associated with back biteing, gossip which only breeds bad feelings.

    When I work our Retail floor with our employees, I never tell a customer I am the owner unless they ask. Each and every person that works with me is just as important as I am, just as valuable to our organization.

    A dear friend in business has convinced me that it is time to promote our philosophies and share them with others. I have never been one to self-promote. But its truly time to get our message out to others, and share our experience.

    Warmest Wishes,
    Alicia Vargo
    President, Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie