Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers’ Quiz – All things Oprah

Test your knowledge of billionaire Oprah and her BFF Eckhart Tolle

oprahandtolle2 Last year, Oprah featured Tolle’s books, The Power of Now, and A New Earth on the Oprah Book Club, and then devoted 10 weeks of webcasts to interviewing Tolle himself.  Fundamentalist Christians got their knickers in a knot at the thought of Tolle’s “New Age” teachings becoming accessible to anyone who has a computer or a TV. Test your knowledge of these spiritual bed-fellows:

Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

1. Who publicly denied rumors in 2006 that they were in a same-sex relationship?

A. Eckhart Tolle
B. Jim Carrey
C. Oprah
D. Suze Orman

2.  Which star made an appearance on Oprah’s TV show during her 10-week series of live webcast classes with Tolle in 2008?

tomcruiseasnaziA.  Tom Cruise
B.  Jenny McCarthy
C.  Kirstie Alley
D.  Tina Fey

3.  Who has the most Twitter followers?

A.  Oprah
B.  Eckhart
C.  Deepak Chopra
D.  Jesus Christ

4.  Name the spiritual celeb who said: “As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you — the first time around.”

A.  Eckhart
B.  Oprah
C.  Dalai Lama
D.  Tony Robbins

5.  Which British Isles pop star is a huge Tolle fan?

annie-lennoxA.  Bono
B.  Elton John
C.  Paul McCartney
D.  Annie Lennox

6.  Who shares his/her home with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Maya?

A.  Oprah
B.  Eckhart
C.  Dr. Phil
D.  Caroline Myss

7.  Who, as a child, was beaten on a regular basis?

A.  Eckhart
B.  Oprah
C.  Alice Walker
D.  Mother Teresa

8.  Who said this about his/her school days?  “I’d done well because I was motivated by fear of not being good enough, so I worked very hard.”

oprahandtolleA.  Eckhart
B.  Oprah
C.  Rick Warren
D.  Marianne Williamson

9.  How many homes does Oprah own?

A.  two 
B.  seven
C.  six
D.  three

The answers you seek: 1-C; 2-B; 3-A; 4-B; 5-D; 6-B; 7-B; 8-A; 9-C

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2 Responses to “Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers’ Quiz – All things Oprah”

  1. Nice to see Eckhart joking about/with Oprah!

  2. This was a fun quiz, even if I only got one right! I don’t watch TV or keep up with what’s going on in the lives of celebrities, but now I know at least some of what I’ve been missing!