Learning from lingering spirits with a psychic medium’s help

A real-life mentalist explains how staying connected to lost loved ones can help you deal with grief


GUEST COLUMN: MARK ANTHONY — No one is immune from losing a loved one, and the pain of death and loss comes to each one of us. Healing from the grief of loss is a road everyone is forced down at some point in life, and it is a path no one wants to take. Finding the right path through grief is basic to human survival.

As a medium, I help people connect with their loved ones in Heaven, which many also be referred to as “The Other Side.”

One of the benefits of mediumistic contact with spirits is that it validates a belief in God, Heaven, an Afterlife, and the immortality of our soul. I also know it is possible to contact those who have crossed over to The Other Side. I communicate with spirits on a daily basis and have conducted hundreds of discernments (also known as “readings”).

It’s amazing when you begin to realize that even though someone is physically dead, that person’s personality, memories, likes and dislikes remain intact.

Remember, although a medium can help you to make a connection with a loved one who has crossed over, the spirit contact may not take away all of the pain of what happened. However, for many people, contact can be an important step in healing from the pain of loss.

Allow yourself time to grieve

grievingContact with a loved one on The Other Side can help someone achieve a different perspective on death. Nevertheless, it is important to give oneself time to grieve, feel and work through the emotions that accompany grief.

A woman I recently conducted a discernment for was happy to hear from her late father.  However, what she didn’t expect was an appearance by a cousin who died over 20 years ago! He let her know how free and happy he was, and he conveyed the message, “We’re good, don’t worry about it.” She was stunned by the message.

For two decades she has felt guilty about his death: As a present she had given him two tickets to a NASCAR event and on the way home from the race, he and a friend were killed in a car accident. She blamed herself thinking, “If I hadn’t given him those tickets, he wouldn’t have been there.” Feeling her pain, the spirit let her know it wasn’t her fault, and she shouldn’t blame herself for his death.

A grieving person misses the physical presence of a loved one. It is difficult to cope with the reality of not being physically with someone you’ve loved. However, a loved one never truly leaves, and it is essential to understanding that a relationship which was once both physical and spiritual is now a purely spiritual relationship.

How and why  spirits make contact

spiritsmall1When a person physically dies, the person’s spirit crosses to The Other Side. The spirit can and will come to you and reach out to you from The Other Side. A spirit is in a place of love and forgiveness, and wants to help a suffering loved one get past the suffering associated with grieving.

I’ve had the spirit of a man who was afflicted with cerebral palsy come across to let his brother know he no longer suffered from physical pain. I could see the spirit who first appeared with crutches cast them aside and begin to dance. He was literally dancing in the Light. He wanted his brother here in the material world to know he no longer suffered physical pain.

Many people are able to feel the spiritual presence of a loved one near them. Some make contact in dreams. Others experience seeing or hearing a loved one who has passed. Some may find an object of a sentimental nature, which is connected to the deceased loved one, has been moved with no explanation of how that object was relocated. A few have even reported unusual phenomena of an electrical nature.

pink-and-white-hibOne man confided in me that he was at work one morning and when he returned to his truck, he found a perfect white hibiscus flower sitting on his dashboard. No one could possibly have put it there since no one had access to the vehicle —  it had been locked, and he was the only one with keys. To him, a perfect white hibiscus symbolized purity. He gazed upon it with wonderment and just then his cell phone rang. It was a call telling him his mother had just passed.

He knew it was a sign from her.

Sometimes, to cope with the passing of a loved one, a more direct contact is needed. Many people may find spirit contact with one who has passed reassuring and comforting.  They come to know that a loved one continues to exist, to love, to be aware of us, to feel our unresolved issues concerning the loved one, and even our need to know that person is okay in this new place. That is why spirit contact can be a therapeutic tool in the healing process.

It is essential for the bereaved to learn to let go of the sorrow connected with death, but hold on to their love for the person who passed.  Over time, they will survive the grieving process, and find acceptance and inner peace with the passing of a loved one.

markmMark Anthony is a medium descended from a long line of mediums. His self description: “a Catholic/Christian who happens to be a psychic medium.” Mark has studied under Sylvia Browne, Lydia Clar, and Eamonn Downey of the Arthur Findley College in England. He holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Mercer University which included study at Oxford University in England.

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8 Responses to “Learning from lingering spirits with a psychic medium’s help”

  1. An interesting article (and an interesting website). I’ll admit to being a skeptic on these matters up front. Having said that, I do believe that it’s possible for mediums to help people resolve issues and find closure after death. But isn’t it just as likely that the medium is (via ESP, which I believe is possible)picking up information from the alive person they are working with who have unconscious memories of the deceased? Are there examples where the deceased spirit has told the “alive person” something that they could not have known otherwise?


  2. George,

    That is a great question and I’m glad you raised it. If I as a medium were using ESP to read someone’s mind, that in and of itself is an amazing ability. However, I have conducted discernments for people and a spirit will come through that the person didn’t recognize. For example, in a recent reading, a spirit of an elderly woman came through and left a very poignant message. The client (person I was conducting the reading for) said she had no idea who that person was. However, the spirit was persistent and kept showing me her physical description when she was alive over and over, and a message of apology. Two days later, the woman called me and told me that the spirit was that of her mother’s step-mother whom she’d never met. She didn’t recognize her because she didn’t know what that woman had looked like. However, when the client told her mother about the spirit, her mother recognized her immediately as the abusive step mother she’d been silently angry with for decades. The spirit wanted to apologize for the abuse to my client’s mother.
    So, if I’m reading this client’s mind, how can I pick up on things the client absolutely did not know. Did not know what the abusive woman looked like, didn’t know about the abuse and didn’t know the abusive woman would need to apologize.
    That is how we who practice British Evidential Mediumship know that what we do is genuine. We must bring forth evidence from a spirit that only the spirit would know. Many times a spirit will use the medium as a conduit to get to a person other than the one receiving the message to convey a message.
    I hope this answers your question.

  3. Mark thank you for an insightful and informative article as well as for the incredible work you do.

    We are blessed with your gifts. Again, thank you.

  4. Thank you, Mark. That’s the kind of inforation I was looking for. Blessings on your work.


  5. Tarlochan Singh Dhillon Reply 09. Jun, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    I have contacted a medium. But the purpose of the Soul is to merge with the Eternal Spirit and that is the ultimate goal. In between we can be misled.

    The medium, and with due respect to Mark, can be used to find keys or to put you in touch with a relative who has passed on but the purpose of the Soul is to go beyond this and find its real eternal resting place which is the Ultimate.

    I do not mean to cause any offence.

    Infinite spiritual blessings to all, Tarlochan.

  6. That is the ultimate goal. However, when people are torn apart by grief they need more than philosophy to help them cope. I disagree completely with your assertion about being misled.

    It is important to receive your faith and strength from God. However, there are times when it is comforting just to know a loved one did not disintegrate.

    Best wishes on your journey.

    • Woohoo Tarlochan! Cancer just destroyed my mother and dad. My poor mother choked, my dad just disintegrated. The only people who ever TRULY cared about me and always tried to help me, are gone.

      Mother and dad merged with the ultimate (is that some kind of a DQ burger?), lost their identity and don’t exist as individuals anymore! Way to go mother and dad!! I’m SO happy for you!!!

      Hey everyone, the purpose of life is simple…you’re on a journey to non-existence!! Thank goodness there’s life after life or we wouldn’t have any purpose, we would just not exist anymore. Wait a minute…is there a difference here somewhere?!?

      Tarlochan, you are one ADVANCED thinker. I hope you continue to “help” many people.

  7. Mark, I believe some can “cross over” and hear from those gone ahead. Can you help me hear from My Michael, my Husband who died suddenly? I would so love one more moment from him.