Spiritual IQ Quiz: 9 Mormon things that Mitt Romney believes

SOUL’S CODE — On the eve of Willard Mitt Romney’s lock on the Republican presidential nomination, a fellow Mormon and U.S. Senator from Utah (Orrin Hatch) claimed that President Obama’s campaign would use Mitt’s “religion” against him.

But is Mormonism a real religion? In fact, what makes a religion?

One common denominator of the world’s five great faiths is that each was inspired by a figure who achieved enlightenment, or some type of transcendental mental state.

Christians have Christ, Buddhists have the Buddha . . . But the father of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, seems to have simply been mental.

Disagree? See how much you know by clicking the radio buttons below:

1. Mormons regard Joseph Smith as their founding father. But what did his father do? What was his family background?

2. Enough about Joseph Smith's dad . . . What did the founder of Mormonism himself do as an occupation before founding his sect?

3. Which is True or False? Joseph Smith claimed that:

4. True or false: Joseph Smith said that Jesus lived in the United States, and would return to America.

5. Which of these acts did God inspire Joseph Smith to do?

6. Joseph Smith performed this memorable heroic act:

7. Today, Joseph Smith is remembered for  . . .

8. Joseph Smith died in 1844 because  . . .

9. Joseph Smith's successor, Brigham Young, led loyalists to Utah and created a society . . .

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One Response to “Spiritual IQ Quiz: 9 Mormon things that Mitt Romney believes”

  1. a couple of questions take a little liberty but overall pretty accurate.